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DeFi Conference 2021: The Rise of Decentralised Finance



Bitcoin Events is excited to announce its 2nd annual DeFi Conference which will take place online on 5 August 2021.

Bitcoin Events is excited to announce its 2nd annual DeFi Conference which will take place online on 5 August 2021.

As proud host of the annual Blockchain Africa Conference and Crypto Fest, Bitcoin Events now adds the DeFi Conference as its 3rd annual event that explores disruptive innovations in the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology industry.

The DeFi Conference 2021, The Rise of Decentralised Finance, will explore two of the hottest trends to emerge in the industry over the last few years: DeFi and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology offer many advantages over conventional assets – particularly in times of crisis – the most important of which is their decentralised nature. The DeFi ecosystem is flourishing and unlocking a parallel financial system that is setting new standards for access, resilience and transparency.

NFTs have exploded in popularity in recent months as they are upending the rules of digital ownership. They have become so popular because digital collectibles can come in almost any form, providing artists and content creators a unique opportunity to monetise their work.

On the DeFi track, speakers will explore the factors contributing to the rise of decentralised finance, its impact on the current financial system, and the players in markets such as in international remittance, lending and borrowing, derivatives, trading, payments and asset transfer.

On the NFT track, speakers will discuss the current state of NFTs, their environmental impact, copyright issues, the leading NFT marketplaces and creation platforms, legal implications of NFTs, and the future of NFTs.

The future is certainly exciting for both DeFi and NFTs, and the decentralisation movement will have a significant impact going forward.

The event will bring forth an unparalleled team of DeFi and NFT industry leaders and change-makers to share their experiences about how they are shaping the next era of global finance and digital ownership.

An impressive list of speakers includes:

  • Yele Bademosi – CEO at Bundle Africa and Founding Partner at Microtraction
  • Shazaib Jaffer – Co-Founder of Dimo María Paula Fernández  – Advisor at Golem
  • Stephen Stonberg – CEO of Bittrex Global
  • John Wu – President of Ava Labs
  • Duke Vu – CEO and Founder of Ulti Arena
  • Mohammed Carrim Ganey – CFO and Co-Founder at Curate
  • Ran Neu Ner – CEO at Onchain Capital
  • Kristina Lucrezia Cornèr – Acting Editor-in-Chief at Cointelegraph
  • Jesus Rodriguez – CEO and Co-Founder of IntoTheBlock
  • Joshua Ellul – Director of the Centre for DLT at the University of Malta and Chairperson of the Malta Digital Innovation Authority
  • Edan Yago – Contributor of Sovryn
  • Zack Burks – Founder and CEO at Mintable
  • Jack Lu – Founder and CEO of Wanchain

There will be multiple networking events, one-on-one connecting opportunities, panel and keynote discussions, ‘fireside’ chats, competitions and giveaways, and a wide variety of exhibitors. The event will bring together 2 500+ attendees from 60+ countries and will include some of the world’s industry leaders.

Bybit, one of the largest crypto derivatives exchanges, and Chainsulting, a blockchain consulting and development company, are Premier Sponsors of the event.

Curate, curators of a blockchain agnostic gasless NFT marketplace app, and Ulti Arena – the first NFT marketplace for Game Development Assets built on the Binance Smart Chain, are the Diamond Sponsors.

CryptoCurrencyWire and AltCoinTrader are the Gold Sponsors.

For further information and to register for a free online ticket, visit Bitcoin Events.

About Bitcoin Events

Bitcoin Events is Africa’s leading and largest blockchain and cryptocurrency event coordinator.


Since 2015, Bitcoin Events has hosted 10 events which have attracted more than 350 global speakers and 10 000 delegates from over 165 countries.


Bitcoin Events is the organiser of the Blockchain Africa Conference, the Crypto Fest and the DeFi Conference.

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