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Cyberchain2019- Promoting Privacy using security



Keeping hackers out of our systems
In this day and age of big data and artificial intelligence—where cooperation on data can lead to enormous business opportunities and scientific and medical breakthroughs—security is also going to have to focus on enabling organizations to leverage, collaborate on and monetize their data without being exposed to privacy breaches, giving up their intellectual property or having their data misused.

Cybersecurity will play an active role but cybersecurity alone is not going to be enough to secure our most sensitive data or our privacy. Data must be protected and enforced by the technology itself, not just by cyber or regulation. The very technology compromising our privacy must itself be leveraged to bring real privacy to this data-driven age”—Rina Shainski, Co-founder and Chairwoman, Duality Technologies.

The year of protected privacy, finally?
According to Chris Babel, CEO at TrustArc,
“Managing privacy will be the new normal, like securing data or paying taxes. Privacy will continue on a similar path as the evolution of cybersecurity. The number of breaches and privacy-related incidents will continue to rise, up and to the right. This rise will be comprised of peaks and valleys. Like with security, a standard of constant privacy will become the new normal.

For example, while many organizations treated GDPR as a project, with a finite end, compliance is a continuous exercise that requires the same focus and vigilance as security or taxes”

The perceived future?

The tables are turning as customer privacy has become a topic of prior concern.
This is already playing out with the recent hearing of the David Marcus’ Libra project as it relates to facebook and its presumed shady deals of monetizing customer data in the past making the customers susceptible to security concerns on the internet.

In his words, Dr. Rob Walker, vice president, decision management and analytics, Pegasystems believes that:
“Consumers will start to reclaim control and monetize their data. Ownership of customer data will transition away from businesses and back toward customers themselves, and new services will emerge that empower customers to monetize their own personal data and rent it back to companies.

Data is the fuel that powers AI, and customers will realize they have the power to drive their own AI-based experiences by reclaiming data control”

“In 2019, the two main targets for cyber-attackers have been the cloud and user devices. Operating systems on user devices provide more functionality than ever before, making them more vulnerable and an easy target for attackers. At the same time, users will expect more flexibility and the ability to work with any OS, any application, and on any device. As organizations look to provide security, privacy, and productivity, they will have to shift to a new, ‘zero trust’ device architecture”—Tal Zamir, CEO, Hysolate.

That is why the Cyberchain2019 conference is coming to you at the right time. This year 2019, we have upgraded our conference to “CyberChain” in other to better accommodate experts and enthusiasts from around the world in both ecosystems.

You will have first hand experience of various Cybersecurity concepts, applications and solutions as well as exposure to multiple Blockchain developments and use cases. You will also learn about Smart Contracts and Cryptocurrencies.

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