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Ethereum Layer 2 Meetup Comes to Nairobi and Lagos



In a significant development for the African blockchain ecosystem, Ethereum Layer 2 solutions are set to take center stage at a series of meetups to be held in Nairobi, Kenya, and Lagos, Nigeria.

The event follows the trailblazing Africa trip of Ethereum co-founder, Vitalik Buterin, and is poised to bring together leaders from various Layer 2 projects, offering the potential to revolutionize the continent’s blockchain landscape.

The African continent has been witnessing a surge in interest and adoption of blockchain technology in recent years. The underlying potential to address social and economic challenges has propelled blockchain to the forefront of innovation in the region. 

Acknowledging Africa’s prominence in the global blockchain revolution, Vitalik Buterin embarked on a trip to Africa to explore and foster connections within the vibrant blockchain communities across the continent in Q1 of 2023.

Building on the momentum from Vitalik’s visit, a crucial Layer 2 meetup is now set to unfold in two of Africa’s major tech hubs. Nairobi will host the first leg of the event from July 26th to 28th, while Lagos will take the baton from July 30th to August 1st. 

According to Borderless Africa, the meetup is organized to build direct channels between the architects of core Layer 2 infrastructures and the enthusiastic African blockchain community. The event is planned in collaboration with amazing local communities and educators

A list of expected guests are leaders from key Layer 2 projects such as Arbitrum (@stonecoldpat0); Scroll (@yezhang1998); ETHGlobal (@TheRealKartik & @jacobwillemsma); Ethereum Community (@technocrypto); and Gatherings (@iamsonge).

The meetup is designed to be a vibrant hub of knowledge exchange and collaboration. It features an insightful agenda that includes community meetups, developer workshops, and founder fireside chats. 

Community meetups offer a platform for enthusiasts, developers, and entrepreneurs to engage in discussions and share ideas related to Layer 2 technologies. 

Interested parties can register here.

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