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PharmAccess To Use Blockchain To Improve Maternal Care in Tanzania



The Impact of Blockchain might not be moving as fast as it should in some African countries, however, in the little stand that the technology has taken, it has made a tremendous impact within the community that it has been employed. This is the case of AID: Tech, a company that utilises blockchain technology and digital identity to change how organisations provide digital entitlements.
AID: Tech has partnered with a non-profit organisation PharmAccess to improve maternal care in Tanzania. This is a significant feat as Tanzania is known for its healthcare problems. The NGO which was founded in 2001 is committed to enhancing access to healthcare in Sub-Saharan Africa. PharmAccess is an entrepreneurial organization with a digital agenda dedicated to connecting more people to better healthcare in Africa. PharmAccess majorly uses mobile technology to offer loans to healthcare providers, to conduct research, and to improve healthcare quality levels.
The partnership has been overseeing the Chain of Trust (CoT) initiative, which has been using the blockchain to monitor digitally guided pregnancies.
Considering the major challenges that the healthcare sector has faced, lack of proper records or medical history, unavailability funds to mention a few that the challenges that this partnership would try to solve using the blockchain technology. According to AID: Tech COO,
From a lack of healthcare funding to high child and maternal mortality rates, there are a number of challenges present within the healthcare system in Tanzania, all of which can and will be combated. By utilising AID: Tech’s Blockchain platform, we are facilitating the collection, identification, and verification of digital health data to make women’s antenatal care a far safer and effective process. All the time protecting the women’s data and allowing them to have full control of their health records.”
As an organisation, we are dedicated to using technological innovation to provide access to better healthcare for as many people in Africa as possible. Our partnership with AID: Tech allows us to address the challenges associated with current practices while improving the lives of the patients. This project demonstrates a transparent, innovative, performance-based financing model for healthcare,” Monique Dolfing, the Chief Executive of PharmAccess, stated.
Chain of Trust Initiative
The process would provide data from the first time a pregnant woman enters the hospital at 16 weeks all through the period of antenatal care, delivery and through postnatal care at the clinic. This also gives patients access to this entitlement through the blockchain and also to educate those that don’t know and understand the blockchain.
Basically, the CoT program aims to offer evidence to make informed decisions and a proof-of-concept for the success of blockchain technology in improving healthcare.
“Offering financial and medical solutions to people in need has not only the potential to transform lives but to ultimately save them. The results we expect to see will have untold impact on the lives of these individual women and their children, and we are delighted to welcome the first baby born from this program,” Dennehy said.
This is just the beginning of innovations to come as the impact of the partnership would give more women and children the opportunity to live to their full potential.

How far you think this partnership would drive adoption? Share your opinion with us in the comment section below.
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