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Bitcoin Launch VERSE, announce date for public sale


on has announced the public sale of an ecosystem token called Verse. The announcement was made on Monday, 10th October 2022, and it detailed that the token sale will officially begin on November 1st, 2022. 

Verse is a utility ecosystem token that claims to be the “world’s gateway to DeFi” is a digital ecosystem that offers secure self-custody offerings to the user, allowing them to interact and engage with various digital currencies and assets. The token will support new users looking to onboard into Bitcoin and DeFi by rewarding them for trading, holding, and learning about cryptocurrency; also offers news and industry updates via their Media outlet 

Speaking on the Public sale, Dennis Jarvis, CEO of, said it signified a new level for the ecosystem that allowed it to reach a new audience. He emphasized those who would take the first step in their crypto journey through the public sale. The sale offered them ‘“ease, simplicity, and a trustworthy platform”. He also said the sale would herald “a new wave of economic freedom”  as the ecosystem is seeking to bring a new generation of “ financially independent users”  through the Public sale. 

The VERSE Token is fixed at 210 billion and will be distributed over the expanse of seven years. The Public sale tagged “Sale B” follows the Private sale, which happened in May 2022, with about 10% of the total supply exchanged for $33.6million.

Lead VERSE engineer, Vitalik Marincenko, said the Verse community had over 25,000 members on Telegram and Discord, not just newcomers, but also crypto natives. Also, according to him, the VERSE wallets have over 34 million wallets created. He further r emphasized his vision to ‘deliver a world of economic freedom”.

The VERSE Token is a cross-chain token compatible with the ERC-20 standard, which according to will “provide immense value” to crypto users on the Verse DEX, Ethereum blockchain, and wider DeFi ecosystem. The token is also said to be looking at a quick entry into low-fe Ethereum Virtual Machine- compatible networks to ‘provide optimal user experience” 

The public sale of VERSE is only one of the new developments in the Ecosystem, alongside its integration with Avalanche, and the official launch of the Verse Development Fund.


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