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Brave browser integrates Solana DApp



Privacy-centric browser, Brave, ahas integrated Solana DApp into its browser space. The new feature is available on iOS and Android versions of the browser, Brave. This new addition would allow users of Brave built-in web3 wallet to connect to Solana DApp without the need to switch to another application.

Additionally, users can now connect and interact with NFT platforms like Magic Eden, and other apps like Orca, and Jupiter using Brave. This is an added feature to the already existing functionality of storing, sending, and buying SPL tokens in the wallet.

Brave is a web browser that allows exploring and connecting to DApps, and allows users to have a concise interaction with web3. Also, Brave offers advanced privacy and security protection for users on the internet. Brave expressed that “together, Brave and Solana are aligned to make Web3 easier to use and available to more users globally. This marks a major step in that direction, building upon existing support for Solana in the Brave browser.”

According to Brave the benefits of the browser to users include:

  • Removes the need for extensions.
  • Allows users convenience, privacy, and security.
  • Eliminates the need to jump between apps to sign transactions.

Amelia Daly, Head of Partnerships at Solana Foundation stated that advances in  UX and mobile packages pose an important onboarding catch for new users. About the partnership, she stated that the user experience in cryptocurrency can be fragmented. “The Brave DApp integration is important because it allows for seamless browser-based connections to your favorite Solana programs and it is optimized for mobile.”

CEO and Co-founder of the Brave browser, Brendan Rich, recognized that the addition of Solana DApp support on mobile would be expanding to another key group that is seeking fast and friendly ways to use their crypto on the go.

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