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How to participate & stand a chance of getting Sui Airdrop




Sui is a brand-new iteration of blockchain technology. It is a decentralized smart contract platform that aspires to replace Facebook’s long-gone Libra blockchain.

It is a low-latency blockchain created for asset management. As a result, the network works to ensure that digital assets on the blockchain are held directly in the user’s account and not in someone else’s smart contract.

Since its inception, Sui has achieved several significant milestones which have contributed immensely to its present stage.  One of these is the launch of an NFT game Capy on Sui as Devnet. The game allows players to buy, trade, breed, and accessorize Capybaras which helps explore and test-run the blockchain. 

Just recently, Sui launched its wave 1 testnet which according to the team, it is the first Testnet that would be deployed with validators who were not part of the Mysten Labs. This testnet was said to be a germane step towards a decentralized Sui Mainnet.The launch of wave 1 testnest is the first among other testnets that will be launched before the mainnet is launched.

In preparation for the next testnet phase, the developers of Sui have set up a new event called CapyHolidays, where participants who interact with the testnet get to win an Airdrop. This is a way the team has decided to test run the current testnet and reward participants. 


Here is how to participate to stand a chance to get the airdrop. 


Step 1

Download Sui’s wallet extension on your browser. As soon as you download it, set up the wallet and secure your seed phrase. Once this is done, open your wallet and click on “Request Sui Devnet SUI Tokens.” After you click on this, you will receive a few tokens that will be used to make purchases.  


Step 2

Visit capy art, then click on the wallet and click connect wallet (this can be found at the top right corner of the screen). Once this has been done , scroll down to “Capy Holiday Gift Boxes” then proceed to buy one of them and approve the transaction in your wallet, and you would be redirected to open the box. 

For this step, buy at least three of the four boxes and open them all. 


Step 3

Scroll down a little on the web page to get the Premium Gift Box. To purchase this premium box, you need to buy three more holiday boxes and send them to three sui wallets. 

Once this has been done, buy the premium box and open it. 


Step 4

Buy holiday items for your premium box Capy. To do this, go to the Capy item store and buy some items for your capy and adorn the capy with it. This purchase will be with the requested SUI tokens. 


Step 5

The last step is to take a screenshot of your Capy after opening the premium box and decorating it. After this, make a post about it using the screenshot taken and the Hashtag #CapyHolidays on Twitter. 


NB: While participating in this task, you may run out of tokens to continue the task. To get more tokens, join the Discord server, go to the “faucet” channel, then type “!faucet + your SUI address.” The bot then processes it and sends more tokens to your Sui address. 


What do you think about this article? Share your comments below. 

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