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Liquality:The open-source multi-chain wallet



One of the common reasons people run away from investing in cryptocurrency is because of the risk associated with it. Crypto investors must have heard of or been a victim of wallet associated crypto loss as a result of hacks.

A crypto wallet is an interface for managing cryptocurrency balances. It stores users’ public and private keys, and enables the transfer (send) and receipt of cryptocurrencies.Some wallets also enable users to carry out specific operations with their crypto assets, such as purchasing and selling or engaging with decentralized applications (dapps).

How the average Web3 user interacts with the space is changing as a result of the significant evolution we are seeing in digital wallets compared to the period prior to the last bitcoin halving. As of today, there are quite a number of crypto wallets available but finding the proper, safe, and secure wallets can be difficult especially for newbies. And the cascading exposure of crypto brands to FTX—TerraLuna saga begs one to be extra careful.

In this article, you will dive into what Liquality wallet is, its features, and why it could be attractive to users. 

What is Liquality?

Liquality is an all-purpose wallet that allows you to access the decentralized internet, manage your cryptocurrency holdings, and swap cryptocurrencies. It allows for a simple, quick, secure, and convenient atomic swaps across assets and chains.

The Liquality wallet provides access to a wide range of blockchain ecosystems, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, Rootstock, Polygon, BNB Chain, Near, and Arbitrum. It does this by combining multiple chains and dapps into a single wallet experience.

Features of Liquality

  • One wallet, several blockchains: Liquality is multi-chain. All you need to do is exchange, send, and receive tokens between chains. You can also manage NFTs from many chains.
  • Open-source: The wallet is completely open-source and is continually reviewed by the community. Developers are free to build on it.
  • Quick and easy cross-chain swaps: Liquality gives you a smooth swapping experience between chains without ever leaving your wallet.

Liquality is a universal crypto wallet not just because it harmonizes the ecosystems of several chains but also because it provides various types of swap that can be adapted to the demands of any user. It uses atomic swaps for peer-to-peer cross-chain native asset exchanges, integrates with popular DEXs like Uniswap and 1inch for ERC-20 trades within the Ethereum ecosystem, and connects BTC to RSK via Sovryn’s FastBTC Relay.

Liquality make-up

  1. Atom Swaps: Liquality Atomic Swaps are methods that make it possible to trade one cryptocurrency for another across blockchains without the use of a centralized exchange infrastructure or a reliable third party. With reduced counterparty, settlement, and custodial concerns, atomic swaps offer a potent substitute for centralized exchanges, DEXs, and other custodial solutions.
  2. DEX Swaps: users can interact with decentralized exchanges like Uniswap and 1Inch, and switch between ERC-20 tokens quickly on the Liquality wallet. Having these varieties of choices provides easy, convenient, and quick trades throughout the whole Ethereum ecosystem.
  3. Crypto Bridges: by using Sovryn’s FastBTC Relay, the Liquality wallet creates a connection between Bitcoin (BTC) and Rootstock Bitcoin (RBTC). The BTC and RBTC bridge provides an essential mechanism for bringing the value of BTC to RSK’s DeFi ecosystem.

In Summary;

  • Liquality is an open-source, contributor-led initiative that focuses on creating peer-to-peer crypto wallet solutions with low dependence on third parties. 
  • Liquality Atomic Swap Interface alpha allows users to exchange BTC, ETH, and DAI between their Ledger or Metamask cryptocurrency wallets directly.
  • Liquality is a browser extension wallet.
  • Users have the option of running a self-hosted version or using a downloadable app to view the interface.

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