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Netflix Enters Decentraland with The Gray Movie



Netflix has struck a deal with the metaverse platform, Decentraland to feature one of its latest movies, Gray Man, in the virtual world. The Latin American division of Netflix will allow users of Decentraland to live a part of the movie in the virtual world.

According to The Electric Factory, the structural developers behind Decentraland, this step is to promote the new movie that will be released as well as an exploratory move to fund other ways to connect virtually with the Netflix community around the world.

The spy movie featured Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans as main characters, and the activities around this partnership will be held in the 45-parcel rented by Netflix in Decentraland for this purpose.

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Participants of the proposed project are required to navigate a chamber in the Decentraland metaverse. Inside, musicals from the movie will be played as the “player” navigates the chamber using the or of the movie.

If the navigation, meant to check the players knowledge of the movie, is complete, a reward awaits the winner which can be claimed by connecting a crypto wallet. These rewards are in the form of wearables that can be used to depict the costume of the actors in the movies.

Shibuya, art director at Decentraland, believes that the metaverse has a lot to offer with many developments and adjustments to be made so that more users can be part of it.

Other global brands looking towards the Metaverse are Coca-Cola, Samsung, Dolce and Gabbana, Nike and Atari have taken steps too to connect with their communities virtually.


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