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Pizza Game; Buy Chefs, Make Pizzas, and Earn in the Metaverse



Pizza Game was created as an influence from the Cookie Clicker game which is a childhood game. Gaming models and systems have been transformed by the introduction of new technologies and patterns. For example, games used to be about playing, playing, having fun, and going through the process again and again. In this way, players had no reward for their work and activities. Only the corporation got all profits raised by the game.

This is being changed today with DeFi functionalities in games giving us GameFi that gives back control to gamers. And this model is driven by blockchain technology. There were more than 300 blockchain games as of January 2022, and by 2020, stats have it that over 41million gamers owned crypto. This can be said to represent the number of crypto gamers. Blockchain games have created a vast opportunity for more interesting games to come into the market.

What is Pizza Game?

Pizza Game is a fun game, where players cook pizzas and make money in the process. It is built on the Avalanche network. Being built on the Avalanche blockchain gives the game access to a network:

  • With a transaction rate of 4,500 per second.
  • That is secured using the Proof of Stake mechanism.
  • That is fully decentralized and can be accessed by anyone.
  • On which smart contracts can be developed as well as dApps to control DeFi activities on applications automatically.

Pizza Game was launched in 2021 to combine Web3 features with a cook-to-earn game model.

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How Does Pizza Game Work?

Here are a few items that need description:

  • Chef: Chefs are ERC721 NFTs and produce $PIZZA every minute when staked.
  • $PIZZA: $PIZZA is an ERC20 token that can be used in-game items.
  • Pizzeria: The place where $PIZZA is made by staking Chefs.
  • Chef Tools: These are ERC721 NFTs Chefs need to cook more $PIZZAS in the Pizzeria.
  • Freezer: Another tool where $PIZZAS can be staked to get more $PIZZAS.
  • Soda Fountain: From the Soda Fountain, $SODA tokens are produced.

To enter the game, and cook some pizzas, players must have a Chef who is an ERC721 NFTs mintable for 1.5 AVAX. Each Chef can be put to work by staking them in the Pizzeria and this produces $PIZZA every minute (1 PPM) that users can claim and use to purchase tools.

Staking in the Pizzeria can only be done with at most 10 Chefs per time. As business improves, more Chefs can be deployed to cook.

During minting, the probability of having a Master Chef that is more skillful and can cook more $PIZZA than the normal Chef is low. A Master Chef can make up to three $PIZZA a minute while the regular Chef does one.

As Chefs produce more and more $PIZZA, they get to a point where they get exhausted and tired. To revive them, they have to be unstaked for a while. It’s like taking vacations for humans.

$PIZZA are ERC20 tokens that are used to buy in-game items and can be cooked forever. There is no maximum supply of $PIZZA so long as there are more Chefs to keep cooking $PIZZA. Yet, $PIZZA are burned whenever players claim or unstake the token in the Pizzeria, mint tools, mint Gen-1 Chefs, and from the Freezer.

In the Freezer, $PIZZA can be staked to get more $PIZZA and faster. Defrosting (unstaking) of $PIZZA from the Freezer can be done slowly (with less loss) or faster (with more loss).

$SODA is an ERC20 with deflationary functionalities. On the Soda Fountain, $SODA can be earned by creating a $PIZZA-AVAX liquidity pair (on Trader Joe) and staking the LP tokens in the Soda Fountain.

For the Pizza Game, the aim is to use Chefs, Pizzerias, Chef Tools, $SODA, and other items to cook as many $PIZZA as possible.

Tokenomics of Pizza Game

There are two tokens used in the Pizza Game. These are $PIZZA, and $SODA. $SODA has a maximum supply of 15,000,000 with 100,000 $SODA placed for the initial liquidity for $SODA-$PIZZA while the remaining 14,900,000 enters the Soda Fountain staking rewards.

The entire Pizza Game is built on a deflationary system that is targeted at making the tokens valuable over time. For example, $SODA is burned when chef tools are minted and during the improvement of the Pizzeria.

Chef tools, ERC721 NFTs, have limited supply and are purchased using $PIZZA and $SODA. While 2% of all minting costs for Chef tools are used to develop the $PIZZA-$SODA liquidity pair, 98% is burned.

And then for Chefs, all 20,000 have been minted:


Pizza Game is simple to understand and connects with the everyday life of people. Cooking Pizzas and making money is fun. The challenge for the game will be to be positioned to create a unique experience for DeFi gamers. No full details of the team on the website however, if you want to “cook as much $PIZZA as possible,” says the website, and earn, then “collect more tools and chefs, and dominate the Pizza industry” in the Pizza Game.


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