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Ethica; the Platform that is Decentralizing Investment Opportunities



Before blockchain technology became popular as it is today, there has been a system designed for the betterment of not so many even though advertised otherwise. This system had standards that made it hard for an everyday person to access certain investment opportunities. Prices of stocks and entry points for investments are so high people living with less liquidity can’t participate in such businesses. Accredited Investor is a thing.

With the successes recorded with ICOs, newer iteration of crowd funding methods such as IDOs, IGOs, ILOs, IEOs, and others have made it possible for anyone to be part of huge investment opportunities at any time.

These opportunities are made possible because of Decentralized Finance (DeFi). DeFi is a product of blockchain disruption in the global financial system. This disruption is making global investment opportunities accessible by anyone from anywhere around the world. Ethica wants to deepen and make DeFi even more accessible.

What is Ethica?

Ethica is a DeFi platform designed to give access to investment opportunities for anyone. Ethica wants “to empower investors and communities to create an ethical, inclusive and sustainable world,” says the website “by creating a platform where everyone, from all walks of life, can invest and support causes he or she truly believes in.”

The challenges that brought about Ethica are lack of opportunities where investors in the retail sector don’t have access to early-stage and affordable investment opportunities; lack of funding; and a global widening wealth gap.

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Solutions Provided by Ethica

Part of the services provided by Ethica is a Digital Exchange. In this system, Ethica is giving investors access to invest in projects that are at the early stage and fulfill certain criteria. Most of these requirements are in line with sustainability, as it concerns global climatic conditions.

So using the Ethica platform will give early access to these projects so that investors can fund them, find projects they can support as well as make a profit too.

Another is a Tokenization Platform. As earlier mentioned, there are several crowdfunding models in the crypto industry such as IGOs, ILOs, and IEOs, IDOs. And these new models are making it easier for start-ups and entrepreneurs to raise capital for their businesses without much friction.

On the Ethica platform, there will be a system that helps start-ups raise money and funds for their projects. It also will create other kinds of support that are not monetized but will help start and scale those businesses.

For Ethica, the projects they support are those that satisfy the requirements of UN SDGs and ESG. This is in line with the global sustainability plan of the company.

There is a Digital Wallet also designed primarily to close the wealth gap amongst people. Through the wallet, free airdrops, coins, and other tokens are given to users in regions that have great financial needs. Over time, the wallet will also house the native token of the Ethica ecosystem and enhance internal and cross-platform transactions.

The Ethica token will be the main driver of the Ethica ecosystem. Holders who stake the token will be given access to unique features and services. And with Ethica, anyone can invest in several projects that will be running on the Ethica platform. From the plans made for future development, there will be a Launchpad where blockchain projects can be released.

For Ethica, security, regulation, and sustainability are at the foundation of all services provided for users. So users are assured of a safe place for investment, a regulated platform with policies guiding blockchain investments and services that support the sustainability of the earth.

Challenges and Road Map of Ethica

The crypto world is still undergoing evolution to suit the needs of today’s customers. And so for most projects, there is so much that can be done for now as there will always be plans for future adjustments. For Ethica, apart from the challenge of adjusting along the way to provide the necessary tools for the global market, competition is a factor in the industry.

CoinsPaid, X Plus Ecosystem, Globiance, and BitForex are some of the top platforms that offer awesome services to users in the same niche as Ethica.

For the development of the platform, 2022 is meant to be for the launch of the platform, token, and website; fundraising, community marketing, listings on major exchanges, the launch of the exchange, procurement of license, and more.

Beyond 2022, Ethica will launch ESG Portal & Community; Social Impact Portal and Community; Launchpad for crypto projects; Ethica Give for donations; Ethica Lend; Ethica World comprising a metaverse and commerce Platform; and Ethica Pay.

Team and Partners Behind Ethics

Jason Peter Stevens is the CEO of Ethica with more than two decades of experience as an entrepreneur, brand builder, and tech investor. He’s focus has been on creating partnerships in the blockchain space.

The CTO of Ethica is Nur Syukri Zakaria. He’s a consultant who has been in the IT industry for a long time and is also a huge advocate of blockchain and global payment systems.

Keith Rabin, Parani Ganesha, and De Silva Joe Ronesh works as Engagement Strategist; Corporate Development Personnel; and Communications & Public Relations Officer respectively. See the other staff here.


Ethica has a good plan for modeling blockchain solutions that consider global climatic conditions. The team behind the project wants to make investment opportunities accessible to anyone reducing the income gap globally. The industry participants have seen too many promises, we’ll just have to wait to see what Ethica will do.


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