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Here’s How the CyBall Metaverse is Changing Football



The official introduction of blockchain technology via the emergence of Bitcoin came alongside other goodies that have taken the front pages of global media coverage. Blockchain came in first as cryptocurrency and then smart contracts got in the way with Ethereum.

A few years after that, we saw the introduction of NFTs which so many still feel are scams. While waiting for that to get clearer, NFTs got us more engrossed with the Metaverse, making virtual activities like gaming more fun.

Also remember that last year, Facebook changed her name to Meta from Facebook. That alone gave a signal that something big was already breeding in the world of the Metaverse. Checking Google trends, the word Metaverse was not visible until the Meta announcement.

And then some major household names came up like Decentraland, SandBox, and Axie Infinity giving us a new experience in the world of gaming. DeFi structures also made it more enticing because cryptocurrencies had to be part of these innovations making people want to play and earn, learn and earn and create and earn.

For sports, the excitement is more for both fans who participate in physical sporting activities and gaming gurus. CyBall, a new lad in the block, has something for these two groups, with a Metaverse mix which can be enjoyed by newbies as well.

What is Cyball and Why Blockchain?

According to the website, “it is a futuristic football-themed (US: soccer), NFT-based game where users can collect and form a team of CyBlocs and face off against other teams online, or trade and mentor new CyBlocs within the CyBall’s ecosystem”.

The exploits done from the Axie Infinity project was part of the inspiration for CyBall started by a group of business gurus, which we’ll see next, with skills in the traditional marketplace and a true thirst for blockchain knowledge and opportunities to create.

In CyBall, you have an ecosystem that is built with traditional elements of sports but uses the advantages of the blockchain technology. The major element of this game is the CyBloc which is a CyBorg, represented as an NFT (Non-Fungible Token).

Gamers or users, as the case may be, come into the ecosystem to use these CyBlocs, in different designs as elements for playing football games, trading in the marketplace with other gamers, mentoring other CyBlocs, and getting into training for readiness to battle other teams. It’s a total immersion of what happens in the real world of football. The difference is that this is in a virtual world of its own.

The Team Behind CyBall

One of the most important aspects of any project is the team behind the wheel of the project. From research, this is one aspect that should be considered before investing in any project because as the team goes, so will the project as well. Don’t you love Satoshi?

Aaron Yee is the first on our list and he’s one of the Co-Founders of CyBall. He started with helping to design Frozen, the Disney game and later on joined Aminoca as Product Manager. With 10 years plus experience in game development, he understands the movement of such products from conceptualization to market launch. Aaron spent a short time at SoftBank before coming back to his zone – gaming – but this time with a touch of blockchain technology.

If you’re conversant with TomoChain, RomoZ, and TomoMaster, you would have heard of Long Vuong . He’s a Co-Founding Advisor in CyBall, CEO, and Founder of TomoChain. His extensive insight in Economics and blockchain technology has been part of the building blocks of Cyball’s projects. Some of the products he is leading at TomoChain as a Product and Ecosystem Strategist include TomoMaster, a governance dApp, TomoX, exchange platform, and the token, TomoZ.

Here’s another smart personality who is also a Co-Founder at CyBall. Tin Tran has spent more than ten years working with great names such as Discovery Channel, Nat Geo, Ubisoft, DirecTV, NBA, NFL, IBM, NBC… He has a background in Engineering, got involved in blockchain in 2017, and has been a DeFi researcher since 2020. Tim’s love for design and collaboration led him to start TRAN LA, a branding agency and he is also Dota 2 a gamer.

Kevin Bui is another Co-Founder at CyBall. He has a good depth of marketing and branding with greater experience from his Australian startup, Athleisure wear. He is the Head of Design at CyBall and sure a combination of design and marketing is so super because it’s an intersection between human behavior and machine production. Kevin is bullish in terms of crypto knowledge where he invests his time in understanding the trends of the space. Going by the track record of these individuals, we can agree that CyBall has a higher probability of being so successful.

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The CyBall Ecosystem

In the CyBall ecosystem is a unique model that has similarities with other projects of similar intent. However, there are differences as well. So if you are coming into the CyBall ecosystem, these are the essentials you should expect: CyBall NFT Marketplace, CyLoans, and CyDex. Although, theee are other utilities that are being introduced and will be introduced from the roadmap that was given by the team on the project development. For these three utilities, let’s see their functionalities here:

  • CyBall NFT Marketplace

An NFT marketplace like the name sounds is a market first where NFTs are created (minted) and sold. The minting process of NFTs is what makes it valuable first because each NFT has a unique identity that cannot be reproduced. In the CyBall NFT marketplace, users will be permitted to freely mint and trade CyBlocs, stadiums (this sounds outrageous right?) alongside other valuables that are related to the NFT environment. That means once you’re here, you don’t need an OpenSea to sell or trade your utilities.

  • CyLoans

CyLoans is an awesome structure that allow users to loan their inactive CyBlocs to other users that are yet to have a complete lineup as a team. If you picture a football team, you’ll realise that for a club to have a team, there must be a gathering of the required number of players who are fit to play. The same is the case here. Fitness here is relative. Hence, if you have enough inactive “players” you can loan them out.

The revenue share and fee are done on the terms of the user as they can decide how much to be paid and for how long considering installment payments. In this CyLoan system, there is the lender, sometimes called scholarship provider, which can be you loaning your unused CyBlocs; your friend who needs a CyBloc of yours, they are called lenders who are given the right to lock the loaned NFT until the loan tenure is over. A good money-making system right? You might want to try it out like buying and loaning players in major football leagues.

  • CyDex

CyDex makes this system complete because it is the native decentralized exchange of CyBall. It’s an integrated Automated Market Maker (AMM) in the CyBall ecosystem. So what happens there? You can “buy, sell and provide liquidity for Cyball’s native tokens,” says the website which is $CBT and $CYB. There are plans as well for swapping and interoperability with other systems for exchange to take place without difficulties.

The Token

Every blockchain platform has a native token or coin that powers the DeFi transaction aspect of it – bitcoin for Bitcoin, ether for Ethereum, and ADA for Cardano. This is what brings monetary value into the space. For CyBall, the primary currency is called Batteries. They are rewards gotten when players compete in PvP matches.

The two tokens, which are types of Batteries, of the CyBall ecosystem are $CBT (CyBloc Battery Token) and $CYB (CyBall Token). The $CBT, an ERC-20 & BEP-20 token, has no fixed supply and it’s the primary reward or token used for Play-to-Earn activities in CyBall.

$CBTs are earned when users carry out activities that are useful in the ecosystem like competing in several PvP modes and from CyLoans. For any user to enjoy mentoring and the “hire a coach” feature, they are required to spend $CBTs just like a player should spend some dollars or pounds in a real-life football game.

For $CYB, (CyBall Token), it’s also an ERC-20 & BEP-20 token but with a fixed supply. It is the governance token that is used to decide on the development and upgrades of the ecosystem. Users can also use it as utility and Play-to-Earn reward tokens. To earn $CYB, users can participate in PvP modes like exhibition, league, and tournament; CyLoans, and from useful activities carried out in the ecosystem. The same rules apply for access to mentorship and the “hire a coach” feature..

Game Protocol of CyBall

It is important to explain that the CyBall ecosystem uses CyBlocs (an NFT) as the main element of the gaming experience. Each CyBloc stands as an NFT that gamers can collect, trade with other CyBlocs, mentor other CyBlocs with and participate in Play-to-Earn activities carried out in the ecosystem. These CyBlocs have certain characteristics which include belonging to a particular class, having 1 to 3 unique traits, and possessing 6 skills related to football like Tackling, passing, dribbling…

Since Football is one of the most popular sports in the world, this will serve as a sieve to support the entry of newbies into the world of Metaverse gaming. CyBall is an interesting game. It combines most DeFi functionalities with human activities like mentoring where a CyBloc mentors another. The process of how the game works and more will be further explained in the next post.

Stages of development of Cyball

So far, there are three phases of development of the CyBall Metaverse. The features of the first phase include the introduction of the ecosystem; the release of Genesis CyBloc NFTs; the launch of NFT marketplace, CyLoans, Game MVP, mentoring, exhibition Mode 3v3, token economy, and CBT.

The next phase is ongoing and involves plans to update the ecosystem, bring in CyDex, the native decentralized exchange, update of gameplay, release of exhibition Mode 5v5 and training modes; update of tokenomics, and optimization of the Play-to-Earn system.

The last stage is meant to begin from March this year and will see an update of general infrastructure, upgrade of scaling solutions, the introduction of mobile versions (this will be good as the mobile gaming industry is a multibillion opportunity), update of the game plan, tokenomics, league and tournaments, pep talks, the introduction of stadium manager, CYB, community treasure, DAO, and Staking. With these facilities, it’ll be hard to be here and want to be somewhere else.

Challenges of the CyBall Metaverse

The top is competition. We are so much aware of the rate at which a lot of projects are released weekly. Looking at the crypto chart on sites like or Binance, the activities are increasing. CyBall will have projects like Cabara, Genesis World Metaverse, Axie Infinity, SandBox, Decentraland to compete with, not to mention Microsoft, Facebook, Apple or Amazon. Although there are more specific niche-based projects like Metasoccer, dubbed the “Axie Infinity of Soccer” that are coming up.

For gamers, the deal is always about the great experience and democratic system that supports control. Everyone wants to own and control what they have even if you are giving them the platform to use. Another challenge will be adoption. Let’s believe that the marketing and branding insight from the community and team will power this project.

The future of this industry, the coming together of games, will throw things all up in a unique direction. “As metaverse development fuels further virtual and augmented reality research, athletic training will also fundamentally change,” says author and entrepreneur QuHarrison Terry. “If I was a younger athlete and I wanted to get a leg up, I’d probably add some type of VR training regimen.” This assertion shows that both the virtual world and the physical world will be affected together. To win, Thought Leadership will be essential here merged with the ability to listen to what fans want and not just what we want to create.

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