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Tega Abikure; Creating a Window to a New Financial Economy using KureCoin



Tega Wisdom Abikure is a firm believer in teamwork. As the founder and Ceo of KureCoin, it is imperative that he surrounds himself with a team that is motivated towards solving the payment problems of Africa. During an interview with CryptoTvPlus, Tega Abikure explains his journey in the cryptosphere and how his project aims to create a window into a new financial economy.
Problems such as access to capital have plagued businesses and individuals in Africa for a long time. However, Tega and his team are focusing on utilising the blockchain to create a system of zero collateral loans using crypto assets. Prior to launching The KureCoinHub platform, Tega Abikure explained that he ventured into the cryptosphere in 2015 “through an enterprising and investment group” he belonged to.
In his words, Tega Abikure considers the blockchain as “that technology just like the internet that will take our way of conducting business processes to another level. Africa will no longer be seen as a dark continent but like another part of the world where business/transaction will be carried out effortless and seamless…I call it the freedom tool for Africa.” This will explain why his company is focused on revolutionizing payments in Africa through KureCoin.
Tega Abikure explained that his product KureCoin is focused on “solving Africa’s payment and settlement problems using Blockchain technology breakthrough.” He also aims to create a massive window into the new economy by providing financial services to the new economy, since our current financial service providers are yet to do so.This is why Kurecoin, a decentralized cryptocurrency built with proof of stake (PoS) algorithm is offering a seamless and secure mode of transactions for investors within the KureCoinHUB ecosystem.
Beyond building a project to solve financial issues in Africa in particular and the world at large, Tega Abikure has some milestones he aims to achieve in the coming years. He lists his milestones thus; “I aim to build our own Blockchain for African project, business and government. And being an Apex financial service provider to the crypto economy and beyond.” The motion to achieving these milestones has been set by the KureCoin team as the KureCoinHub Ecosystem comprises the Kurecoin Hub Cryptocurrency Bank Project, which aims to give secure and global transactions through the KurePay card. KureCoin Hub aims to utilise KureCoin to tokenize the business world through its platform.
As the CEO and founder of KureCoin, Tega Abikure describe the challenges he has identified in the cryptosphere. He listed “social challenges, slow adoption and lack of massive education” as the problems facing the cryptosphere. He and his team aims to improve adoption by “showcasing how cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology will aid businesses and individuals.” He also aims to improve adoption, he explained his methods saying; “We have partners with several tech hubs to educate people on Blockchain, use cases and adoption. Our project is a live example of how local businesses can accept payment and settlement without the hassle of dealing with payment.”
With the aim of solving Africa’s financial difficulties facing Africa, KureCoin encompasses three aspects, an E-wallet to allow a finding of accounts through debit and credit cards, local bank accounts and crypto wallets. It also includes a payment gateway that will enable SMEs to receive payments via cryptocurrency wallets and Kure Card which will allow users to access all of the platform’s product on a global scale. KureCoin was able to complete its ICO between May and June last year. The company was able to achieve this through a team of great minds.
To describe his team, Tega Abikure says, “Our team comprises of the best minds in the world. A team of excellent people, dedicated and unreservedly passionate about the success of this project and have owned the vision of the project so much so that working with everyone has been’s amazing!” Gathering a team of like minds to help build a company can be a difficult task but Tega Abikure explains his strategy saying “We looked out for people that their willingness to learn outweighed their competence.” Asides having a great team, great leadership also matters and he explains how he is able to keep his team on their toes. To him, the strategy involves reviewing previous projects so the team can see how far they have gotten which will, in turn, motivate them to do more. He say, “You can only inspire by becoming, as a result of what you’ve become – your team will be motivated and then inspired. Inspiration comes from doing the talk. I always try to do my talk.”
When Tega Abikure is not working on his project, he doubles as a financial advisor and a business mentor and coach. He has some great experience with working with Africa financial situation as he had worked with Finedge consult providing funds for local companies in Africa through foreign venture capitalists.  He is a Co-founder of the HOYB project (heart of your business) a project dedicated towards empowering and mentoring young entrepreneurs.
Tega Abikure can be found on Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

What do you think about Tega Abikure’s financial plan for Africa? Share your opinion with us in the comment section below.
Image credit: Cryptotvplus
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