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WIBSON Provides a Truly Transparent and Private Data Market

Would you not rather profit from the use of your data than let it out for free? Wibson has made this Possible!



Privacy on the blockchain has been one of the major and outstanding features the 21st century innovation presents its users. Projects are consistently being built on the blockchain with privacy in mind and one of such Projects is Wibson.

Wibson is a decentralized data market place built on the blockchain to enable users promptly and without revealing their identity, trade valid Private information for accuracy.

In the economy presently, high monetary value has been placed on data consciously and unconsciously. But sadly, the owners of these data do not get to share in the financial dividends due them if only they were put into consideration. Only companies with the real or valid knowledge of technical protocols available on the internet, cleverly caption and take control of our personal information and even profit from it.

In line with data security, wibson presents the following to data owners;


Individual control and management of personal data is one of the benefits of having wibson built on the blockchain. It is decentralized and conveys full authority to client/ data owners and thus gives data monetization power to the individual. The wibson app boycuts all third party transactions and relates directly between data seller and buyer while in turn doesn’t store any of your personal data on wibson servers or hosts.

Furthermore, individuals data are also not stored the blockchain. With the use of smart contracts, data encryption takes place preventing data access to the stored data during auditing. What is rather made available for auditing is the encrypted hashes of data. Thus the individual is in full control of his data.


In the event of disputes or possible breach in contract between the buyers and sellers of data, the Wibson protocol affords the both parties a Notary. This Notary is a verification system for participants information, trustworthiness and data quality and can be and arbitrator should the need arise. Thus, the notary is quite aware of all the ambients of the deal from start to conclusion between the two parties and this will keep everything running smoothly. Lastly the Notary ensures that every member of the transaction stays committed to the deal as agreed.

Automated Payment Processor

The Wibson Protocol provides an irrevocable connection process of payment for and transfer of data where the the blockchain’s smart contract is clearly the executor. Thus first with the Notary installed to checkmate foul play in the area of data authenticity, the automated payment processor takes and effects the transaction without allowing room for a defaulting party. That way trust is built.

Assuming that there is need for halting the transaction possibly due to dispute in information, the Notary can interrupt a payment transaction.

Transparency and Control

There is nothing as interesting as having control over your property and determining the price at which you would be willing to part with such digital property. This is what Wibson brings to the table. So you have a clearly transparent market place where data buyers and sellers alike, conduct a deal based on their disposition – making a choice of what data to release and in relation to the price.

For further research, please refer to the whitepaper for further technical details

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