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NEM is Winning the Hearts of Developers in Africa



NEM is winning the hearts of Africans by offering programs and sensitization on cryptocurrency. There is a mass adoption of NEM ongoing in the continent and the it is starting in Kenya. George Mosomi, founder of Capitally Blockchain and Solo Energy’s senior Developer, and Stanley Njenga, founder of Two4one App are the fuel behinds the burning fire of NEM adoption in Africa.
NEM is focusing on organizing programs that are intended to educate and sensitize those who may fall short or are not adequately informed about cryptocurrency. George and Stanley are training developers to include NEM to their DApps. The duo are organizing events and hackathons in collaboration with blockchain enthusiasts under NEM Kenya.
Two4one Ltd is aiming high and hopes to be at the fore front of Africa’s blockchain adoption. This is why the Two4one app is collaborating with NEM to help implement the blockchain technology in Africa while at the same time educating and training developers.
The project the firm is planning is regarded as one of the solid African NEM blockchain project which is aimed at assisting African businesses and firms in achieving blockchain ideas. Two4one App Ltd aims to spearhead blockchain adoption in Africa. The firm has plans to partner with Appsolutely, as well as integrate Loyalwallet to the Two4one App.
Unlike other projects, the NEM program focuses on developers in the African blockchain community. Africa is not the only place NEM is focusing its attention on as the cryptocurrency is moving across the globe with partnerships and is currently trying to move adoption in Malaysia.

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