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Dmail introduces free wallet-based email account for web3 users



Dmail, a web3 company that provides decentralized identity and a web3 mailbox, was launched in 2021 and has already amassed over 335,000 users who joined via their paid presale of NFT decentralized identity accounts.

Dmail has announced some upgrades to its account system. They have now rolled out wallet address-based email addresses.

This is an improvement from their NFT based 4 to 11-character decentralized identity accounts. These new accounts are free for users to create on login without having to buy the NFT DID. Users can still buy and bind an NFT DID to their wallet-based account. There is a major drawback in these free-to-create wallet-based accounts, network points or credit that users who use the free account acquire cannot be transferred to others.

Numerous networks, including Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Solana, Sei Network, Dfinity, Manta Network, Conflux, and KuCoin Community Chain are compatible with Dmail. Any wallet address from these networks can be used to quickly create a free email account for users upon login. These general accounts also have a storage cap of 100MB, which is far less than the NFT-based account of up to 2GB.

In the article announcing this innovation, Dmail says that the reasons why this innovation has been rolled out at this point include: a response to the platform’s rapid user growth and the continuous evolution of the product.

In preparation for Dmail’s next features, ‘Message Service and Notify Service,’ this redesign of the email account structure is a calculated strategic move. These functions will protect user privacy while improving cross-chain communication, offering multi-chain notifications, and providing a seamless message delivery experience for public chains, wallets, dApps, and a large user base.

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