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Rumour: Kidnappers Demand for Bitcoin



Earlier in the year, a kidnapping case in South Africa went viral because the kidnappers demanded for bitcoins as ransom. However, after paying part of the ransom, the kidnapped teenager was found. Kidnappers in South Africa are at it again and this time a 65-year-old man named Liyaqat Parker has been kidnapped in Cape Town. The kidnappers are demanding for 50 Bitcoins.
Parker, a businessman was kidnapped on his way back from work in Parow, Cape Town when he was kidnapped by five armed men at around 09:10 on Monday. Rumours have been circulating that a ransom has been made for his return. Reports from a  second local news source have it that the ransom demand was made via email on Tuesday. Although a manhunt is currently underway for the businessman, police are reluctant to reveal that the kidnappers are asking for Bitcoins. The police claim that the case is “highly sensitive” and that is why they do not want to disclose information.
Even the family lawyer, Walid Brown said, “I don’t have such information although I also saw the rumour.” Parker is the founding member of the Food Property Group. The successful businessman is also a member of the board at Al-Amien Foods. The kidnapped victim also holds a high position at Brimstone Investment. His family members made a statement for his return saying, “Our father and brother is an elderly man, so we also appeal to those who may be involved or know persons who may be connected with this crime, to just please release him unharmed before his health deteriorates.” Police are however looking into the case.



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