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Kora One of Africa's Blockchain Projects Gaining Grounds



Lots of Blockchain projects have been rising up to provide solutions to the many problems facing the nation. Kora, a blockchain platform that provides an infrastructure for an inclusive financial system built on the blockchain has made a remarkable impact on the new African blockchain economy. Kora Network surpassed the expectations of analysts when it crossed its $12 million hardcap in 10 days.
The Kora Network which plans to provide access to Identity, Money Transfer, Secure Storage, and low-cost Marketplaces on a universally accessible platform through blockchain enabled mobile apps. From July 5th,  Kora will be listing on the UEX exchange. The token already has a market sentiment that is bullish. Some of the investors in Kora include one of the largest blockchain VC’s in Asia, FBG Capital, GBIC, Nirvana Capital, Rootscap, Aeternity who invested through their fund Aeternity Ventures.
Dickson Nsofor, CEO of Kora said, “From my perspective, we have a clearly defined mission and problem to solve”. He explained that it served as a key factor in spreading awareness and creating an understanding of Kora Network. He also explained that it also created a positive relationship between Kora and its investors and also resulted in Kora generating interest among marquee investors and the community at large.
Mr Nsofor who considers the Kora journey to be a personal one has a firsthand experience with realities of the problem. “In a crowded space, I’m happy to say that Kora is the most successful blockchain project in Africa. We’re very excited to take our early success and transform the continent.”

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Image credit: Pixabay


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