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COVID-19: Campus BCAT 2020 is Postponed



Owing to the unfavourable spread of the coronavirus dubbed #COVID19 and possible crippling of the entire national system, Campus BCAT has been postponed. 

This is arising from the need to protect the general population from the spread of the virus and also to play our own part in ensuring the containment of the virus. 

Campus BCAT will not hold until there is sufficient evidence from the nation’s Center for Disease Control that the virus no longer presents harm to the Nigerian community. 

Campus BCAT was established to see to the education of students of tertiary institutions across Nigeria and Africa about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology generally.

Previous Campus BCAT events in 2019 saw an unprecedented number of attendees in the venues and with the growing interest in crypto, a greater number is expected in Campus BCAT 2020.

As the current practice of isolation and social distancing becomes even more relevant, proactive measures have to be taken to prevent spread of the coronavirus across the country thus even crippling the health, financial, transportation systems etc of the nation. 

The fight against coronavirus is against coronavirus. It is a collective fight. We have a common enemy and so we must all ensure a united front against this enemy that seeks to undermine our progress as a society. Together we will prevail but only if we stand together. Let’s kick #COVID-19 out of the country, out of the world. ” – Tony Emeka, CEO

While we are hopeful and optimistic that the virus will soon be a thing of the past most especially as the health ministry working to ensure the containment of the virus and as large gatherings are discouraged, we want to use this medium to request our community and the general public to always be vigilant for symptoms and report same to the Health Department.

We also encourage everyone to keep up good & hygienic behaviours and try to distance oneself when symptoms are noticed. 


Press Release

KuBitX Calls For Free Online Training on Blockchain & Decentralized Finance Usage to Stop COVID-19



The first quarter of this year has met with a very disturbing global pandemic COVID-19 which was first cited in Wuhan China and has so far taken more than 11000 lives and hundreds of thousands affected globally.

The effect is so enormous, grinding almost everything to a halt with several Central banks cutting interest rates,giving stimulus packages due to the plunging of the financial systems caused by the fear and reaction of the world towards the pandemic.

KuBitX, being at the forefront of decentralized finance and mass adoption of blockchain and its assets for payment, cross border remittances, tokenization of real asset,would want to join the call by the World Health Organization to adopt digital means of payment as this would encourage more of social distancing and the usage of cash could further encourage the spread of this awful virus which has adversely impacted us all.

Social distancing is strongly encouraged as a smart moral suasion mechanism to curtail the spread of this virus. As a business with a clear mandate of building value on the basis of education centered on empathy, compassion and kindness, would want to open up a new free online educational campaign to educate the global world on blockchain, decentralized finance and how we can use it to keep our businesses, individual daily transactions stay afloat.

KuBitX team will open a public zoom meeting to help anyone willing to understand blockchain dubbed ‘Learn with KuBitX’ with our team of Blockchain experts.

As an organization,we want to join the call for a total digital world and seamless cashless society to offer ourselves to pioneer free end to end ‘Learn with KuBitX’ into the decentralized world by exposing millions into cryptocurrency usage and many other use cases the blockchain provides.

We have already built a hybrid blockchain wallet which interacts with tokenized fiat currencies and crypto assets by way of onramps and offramps.

We also have swapping of Naira to Ghana cedis and many other Afrcian currencies for easy travels or trade within the continent.

KuBitX becomes the first blockchain startup to come out clearly to support the world to go cashless by offering free online end to end Awareness,Education ,Tutorial and everything you need to know about decentralized finance.

We are opening this for SMEs, petty traders, online shoppers, individuals and large corporates who need the knowledge to transition into the decentralized world.

No More Limits to your Business Transactions!

KuBitX offers Free Online Training on Blockchain & Decentralized Finance

Makes business easier for SMEs, Petty Traders, Online shoppers, individuals and large corporates as we stay home from COVID-19

Join us every Tuesdays and Fridays.

Time: 10 am WAT

Samuel Joseph: User Acquisition and Education Manager, West Africa
George Mwakisha: User Acquisition and Education Manager, East Africa

Venue: Zoom link

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Press Release

E-commerce Platform, Chiji14xchange Launches its Long-Anticipated Affiliate Program – First in the Nigerian Bitcoin Market



A prominent e-commerce platform for cryptocurrencies and gift cards Chiji14xchange has launched its affiliate marketing Program on its platform on Saturday 28th March 2020.

This platform allows trading experts and non-traders from a wide demographic to earn passive income in the African Bitcoin market especially in Nigeria.

This Program is a first-of-its-kind innovation in Nigeria designed by the CEO of Chiji14xchange, Odum Chijioke John to create a money-making opportunity in the Bitcoin Market for different categories of people in the society. People ranging from internet influencers to regular internet surfers, employed and unemployed, young and old, and an even wider demographic. 

Prior to the official launch of this money-making platform, the Founder and CEO of Chiji14xchange, Odum Chijioke John in an interview said that the “Affiliate marketing or ‘referral marketing’ as some might call it, is one of the most powerful ways to generate income online. Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting another company’s product (or service). You find a product, promote it to others, and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make. In other words, when you help another company generate sales, you get a cut,” he said, adding that it entails little or no risk at all.

This initiative is the first of its kind in Nigeria and will be of great value to players in the bitcoin trading game and those who have little or no knowledge about bitcoin trading. This initiative is set to take the crypto space by surprise as predicted and it will tremendously increase the number of people involved in the bitcoin market by over 200% as the affiliate system is open to a wider demographic of people than the existing engagement in the crypto space,” he added. 

He further stated that the Affiliate Program will result in a change in the bitcoin trading game and satiate the need to make a profit in the bitcoin market even without owning digital assets.

The “Chiji14xchange Affiliate Program“, offered to all interested applicants, offers up 50% for every trader that is referred to the Chiji14xchange platform, enrolls and complete a transaction. More information on payout can be found on the Affiliates website.

Here’s how the program is set to operate:

– To become an affiliate, visit the Chiji14xchange Affiliate Platform to join –

– Click on Apply and complete the form on the application page

– Wait for approval and account activation

– Login to your account to view your dashboard and copy the affiliate link

– Share your affiliate link to potential traders

– If the person referred to signs up using your affiliate link, you stand the chance to get up to 50% commission on all transactions made by the referred person.

We are encouraging professionals from all backgrounds to earn a second income at a time when we are mostly stuck at home and practicing social distancing,” said Chiji14xchange Head of Operations, Olusegun David. “This is a great opportunity for each individual to not only earn an income source but also gain financial freedom through the African Bitcoin Market.”

This system was launched by 12:00am on the 28th March 2020 and so far we have recorded a tremendous amount of sign-ups and are currently going through the approval process. 

What are you waiting for? If you’re yet to join this amazing money-making machine now is the time, available spaces are limited. Terms and conditions apply.

About Chiji14xchange

Chiji14xchange is based in Nigeria and provides services across Africa. It is a major player in the cryptocurrency trading landscape by connecting users with digital currencies or gift cards to trade with agents on the platform who will then confirm the validity of the currency and gift cards as well as process payments which are currently done via bank credit.

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Press Release

KuBitX Partners With Edmark International



Following up on a previous sneak peak KuBitX recently shared, it is now official that KuBitX has entered into a strategic partnership with one of its early stage investors Edmark International.

We would love to thank, all our customers, partners and team members for supporting us throughout our incubation stages of growth. It is your support that has kept us on our feat. KuBitX is slowly and organically growing to meet your needs.

This way our dreams, vision and mission have been identified by key industry players, all thanks to you.
KBX wallet will be the official wallet for Edmark international customers, this way KuBitX is set to onboard over 500,000 users to purchase Edcoin and utilize it in withdrawals to any fiat currency in Africa as well as other features available on the KBX wallet which will be communicated in due time.

KuBitX is set to:

  • Develop Edpoint stable coins for Edmark international on the Stellar Blockchain Platform. Having expertise in building local stable cryptocurrencies such as NGNX and GHCX, it is clear KuBitX has what it takes to help other companies build blockchain based solutions. 
  • Having expertise in building local stable cryptocurrencies such as NGNX and GHCX, it is clear KuBitX has what it takes to help other companies build blockchain based solutions. 
  • List Edcoin on KuBitX platform for payments and other utilities. You will also be able to buy and sell Edcoin on KBX wallet at will.
  • Cryptocurrency and blockchain community education.

Download New KBX Wallet Here

From the look of things KuBitX seems to be evolving into not only a blockchain based company but also a blockchain consultancy and development company that helps to develop, educate and integrate cryptocurrency and blockchain based solutions across   Africa.
More light will be shared in regards to the recent partnership.

Watch the live partnership  activities here

Thank you .


About KuBitX

Launched in 2018, “KuBitX is one of the most advanced and robust cryptocurrency trading platforms designed in a very user-friendly manner to enable people from all regions and backgrounds get a stronghold of the ideas revolving around the Blockchain and the Cryptocurrency space.

Contained within the KuBitX ecosystem are the KuBitX trade engines, the secure KuBitX wallets and an advanced Admin dashboard for regulating the activities within the Trade Exchange.” It is currently utilizing the Stellar blockchain owing to its remittance, cross border payment and regulatory compliance needs.

About Edmark

Edmark Group of Companies is a multi-million dollar company with market presence in over 30 countries and is involved in various business interests from manufacturing, exporting, distribution, and real estate development. EDMARK started as Ever Dynamic Marketing in 1984. It is from this name that the word EDMARK was conceived.

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COVID-19: Chiji14xchange Injects N2 Million Staff Intervention Fund as it Initiates Remote Work For its Staff



Chiji14xchange will create a N2 Million Staff Intervention Fund to support staff as its staff will begin working remotely. 

The announcement of its plan to initiate remote work for the staff of the company comes into effect as from Monday, March 22, 2020, till further notice. This announcement was made on Friday, 20th March 2020. The is following the confirmation of an increase in Nigeria’s COVID-19 cases,

Chiji14xchange is a digital asset trading company, all transactions are done on the firm’s online platform as it deals with its clients remotely via the same medium. But not all engagements require online presence and can be done remotely.

There exist some jobs that require human to human interaction and as such, these sets of staff reports directly to the office of the firm. 

The firm has assessed it’s entire workforce and identified key personnel that are of utmost importance to the smooth running of the organization in this trying times. An overview of the assessment showed that members of the tech team and a few customer service agents would be able to effectively operate remotely while other customer service agents would be required to be physically present.

To this end, the management of the firm has made provisions for these essential members of the firm to move into the company’s headquarters as adequate accommodation has been provided for them. 

Staff of Chiji14xchange

The practice of social distancing is imperative at this time and as such, this move is to encourage the practice of social distancing and isolation as is necessary to prevent the looming outbreak of the Pandemic in Nigeria – COVID-19.

In addition to this, the management approved a N2million staff intervention fund to support staff welfare during the period. “This is to support every staff of the company in the isolation process (as regarding stocking up food and toiletries) as finance could be a hindrance to effective isolation practice,” CEO Odum Chijioke said.

This is obviously a judicious move, one that is being adopted by many other organizations globally probably excluding manufacturers of essential commodities and other businesses whose continuity depends on physical contact with customers.

But with a possible nationwide outbreak in sight, drastic decisions have to be made early enough.

Staff of Chiji14xchange

Generally, activation of full remote work (for all employees) could be hindered by reasonable challenges such as concerns with the reliability of personal internet compared to more reliable setups in an office environment.

An even greater concern is the availability of power considering the occasional collapse of the national electricity grid in the past.

Nobody’s certain what the next few months will look like, but as far as businesses are concerned, plans have to be put in place to sustain continuity. Would this system really help in preventing an outbreak? 

Would this result in wide acceptance of Remote Working in the nearest future? Whatever the case may be for businesses, working remotely should be seen as a necessity.

As we have hope in the tackling, containment and eventual elimination of the Coronavirus, we are confident that the quality of our service will not be affected in these trying times. 

We wish and pray the best for all our staff, customers and the entire world population. 

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