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COVID-19: Campus BCAT 2020 is Postponed



Owing to the unfavourable spread of the coronavirus dubbed #COVID19 and possible crippling of the entire national system, Campus BCAT has been postponed. 

This is arising from the need to protect the general population from the spread of the virus and also to play our own part in ensuring the containment of the virus. 

Campus BCAT will not hold until there is sufficient evidence from the nation’s Center for Disease Control that the virus no longer presents harm to the Nigerian community. 

Campus BCAT was established to see to the education of students of tertiary institutions across Nigeria and Africa about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology generally.

Previous Campus BCAT events in 2019 saw an unprecedented number of attendees in the venues and with the growing interest in crypto, a greater number is expected in Campus BCAT 2020.

As the current practice of isolation and social distancing becomes even more relevant, proactive measures have to be taken to prevent spread of the coronavirus across the country thus even crippling the health, financial, transportation systems etc of the nation. 

The fight against coronavirus is against coronavirus. It is a collective fight. We have a common enemy and so we must all ensure a united front against this enemy that seeks to undermine our progress as a society. Together we will prevail but only if we stand together. Let’s kick #COVID-19 out of the country, out of the world. ” – Tony Emeka, CEO

While we are hopeful and optimistic that the virus will soon be a thing of the past most especially as the health ministry working to ensure the containment of the virus and as large gatherings are discouraged, we want to use this medium to request our community and the general public to always be vigilant for symptoms and report same to the Health Department.

We also encourage everyone to keep up good & hygienic behaviours and try to distance oneself when symptoms are noticed. 

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