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Celo to leverage web2 cloud solution, Google Cloud



Google Cloud, the computing Cloud service of the internet giant Google, will run a validator on Celo, a Blockchain network. This move lists Google Cloud among other Celo ecosystem contributors like Deutsche Telekom.

This announcement from Celo is not the first collaboration between Celo and Google Cloud. Earlier, Google Cloud partnered with Celo to provide workshops and cloud computing services to developers and creators within the Web3 space, who are actively constructing applications on the Celo network. Celo Foundation participated in Google Cloud’s Web3 startup program.

A validator plays an essential role in the blockchain ecosystem by authenticating new transactions and maintaining the overall security of the blockchain.

Recently, Celo network proposed to migrate to an Ethereum layer-2 solution. This move aims to facilitate smoother liquidity sharing between the Celo and Ethereum networks, in addition to improving security.

Still leveraging the solutions from the web2 giant, cLabs will utilize Google Cloud’s Blockchain Node Engine during its transition to the Ethereum ecosystem. This would facilitate node operations for Celo users and make it easier for Celo 2.0 to align with the Ethereum network.

Carlos Arena, director of digital assets at Google Cloud, said Google Cloud is keen on strengthening the web3 ecosystem by offering a needed scaling tool. “Running a validator on the Celo network builds on our collaboration with the Celo Foundation, and we look forward to helping to enable the growth of the network,” the director said.

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