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MetaKeep: Bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3 gaming ecosystems



Onboarding web2 games into web3 is a crucial process that involves introducing players to new concepts such as blockchain, smart contracts, and decentralized finance.

The main challenge of onboarding new people in web3 comes with the new systems that blockchain games are built with such as the presence of wallets, seed phrase for token security, gas fees, and more.

While this is a concern in the industry, there are several projects that are making it easier to onboard the Web2 gaming ecosystem into Web3. Metakeep is one of such endeavors.

Naga Samineni, co-founder and CEO of Metakeep, speaking at Breakpoint 2023 on how the company is poised to revolutionize the gaming industry’s transition from web2 to web3. 

MetaKeep aims to provide a comprehensive gaming solution, integrating web3 technologies such as non-custodial wallets, payments, settlements, marketplaces, and peer-to-peer trading.

What is Metakeep?

MetaKeep is a web3 infrastructure company that offers a fully compliant multi-patented non-custody wallet protocol and smart contract infrastructure. 

The company’s platform provides an open naming service for the identification of decentralized applications (dApps) and other web3 infrastructure.

It wants to provide a zero-friction enterprise web3 infrastructure with the goal of bringing one billion users to experience decentralization and blockchain.

The birth of MetaKeep: building the invisible infrastructure

MetaKeep’s journey began with a vision to introduce each industry to blockchain technology. 

The CEO shared his experiences in building wallets for Facebook and meta, learning valuable lessons about the challenges of user adoption. 

He noted that the initial focus on payments as a killer use case revealed that distribution and wallets were significant obstacles. 

The pivotal realization was the need for a usable and invisible wallet in the industry. 

He added that to close the gap, MetaKeep was created as the solution, to help lift various solutions into the web3 realm. 

Unlike consumer-facing applications, MetaKeep aims for 100% adoption without user interaction, achieved through a simple backend API call.

One line of code: MetaKeep’s unique approach

Further describing how Metakeep works, he said that its technology enables developers to onboard users seamlessly with just one API call. 

By providing a user’s email address, MetaKeep provides a self-custodial wallet across all chains, eliminating the need for users to manage private keys. This alone makes it easier to drive adoption and onboard users into Web3 seamlessly.

The implications are vast, as every application and infrastructure built with MetaKeep becomes fully decentralized and on-chain. This includes gaming platforms, ticketing companies, financial services, and more. 

Naga’s talk also featured a demo of an award-winning ticketing company leveraging MetaKeep’s technology for a web2 level user experience running fully decentralized on blockchain.

Security and scalability: MetaKeep’s achievements

Additionally, Naga addressed the critical aspects of security and scalability. MetaKeep achieves full self-custody by provisioning a hardware wallet in the cloud for every user, ensuring a decentralized and durable solution. The platform boasts 120 years of minimum durability and is designed to run in perpetuity.

He added that moreover, MetaKeep offers unprecedented cost efficiency, being 15 million times cheaper than traditional hardware wallets. 

The company collaborates with insurance providers to offer FDIC-inspired insurance policies, providing users with additional security. 

The technology’s scalability is demonstrated by its ability to handle millions of queries daily, catering to real-world, real-time performance demands. 

The CEO noted this makes Metakeep a useful and simple infrastructure for developers to deploy on their Dapps for easy on-boarding of news users into the industry.

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