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How to be a successful Bitcoin content creator: expert insights



In the ever-evolving landscape of the tech industry, content creation plays a vital role as a powerful tool for driving awareness and education on various subject matters. One particular area where we have witnessed an exponential growth in content creation is within the realm of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin, being one of the most prominent cryptocurrencies to emerge, has garnered significant attention not only from investors but also from enthusiasts seeking knowledge about this digital asset. 

Over time, there has been a remarkable surge in individuals who actively engage in creating relevant content surrounding Bitcoin compared to its early days when it was first founded.

This increase can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, with Bitcoin gradually gaining mainstream recognition and acceptance worldwide, more people are naturally inclined towards understanding how it works and what potential benefits or risks it holds for them personally or professionally. 

As curiosity grows around this decentralized currency system powered by blockchain technology, so does demand for educational resources that help demystify complex concepts related to cryptocurrency.

As Bitcoin and Web3 content creators, Benjamin Tyler Perrin AKA BTC Sessions, host of BTC Sessions on YouTuber; Carla, YouTuber; and Mick Morucci, Crypto-anthropologist, and the co-founder of gave insights on how to become successful Bitcoin content creators.

Management of sponsorship 

Benjamin, who used to be a kids’ dance tutor before becoming a Bitcoin content creator, emphasizes the importance of understanding how to manage sponsorship deals as a creator. He believes that preserving the value and brand of a creator, even when sponsored, is crucial.

According to him, creators must find a balance between their sponsors and their conscience. They need to ensure that their reputation remains intact despite entering into sponsorship agreements. 

Benjamin also shared that Podcasting 2.0, a podcast protocol developed by Adam Curry, has made monetization easier for creators. As a podcaster on this platform, he receives SATs from his listeners as a form of value.

Define your message

Benjamin emphasized the importance of content creators having a clear goal in mind. This includes identifying the message they want to convey on any platform and what they hope to achieve with their content.

He advised, “Don’t let the pursuit of views, clout, and subscribers dilute the message you want to share. Stay true to why you entered this space in the first place.” Despite the demanding nature of content creation, remaining faithful to the purpose behind it can lead to greater success for creators.

Think about monetization

For Carla, she mentioned that creators should think about how to monetize their content in order to make money from it. “If you are creating for a living, of course, you need to actually make money,” she told the audience at the conference.

She noted that the monetization of her content was made possible via the Nostr platform. She also added that she receives tips from Twitter through the Strike integration.

You don’t have to leave your job

Carla encourages content creators to consider keeping their day jobs, especially in the early stages. Interestingly, even as bitcoin content creators, she and her team have chosen to maintain their day jobs.

According to Carla, having a day job adds a touch of hobby-like charm to their content creation activities, while ensuring that the bills are taken care of.

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