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How Geyser Fund is advancing Bitcoin education 



One of the notable attendees at the Bitcoin 2023 Miami conference was Mick Morucci, the esteemed CEO of Geyser Fund. In a captivating session, he graciously enlightened the audience with a wealth of knowledge about the inception, growth, and remarkable contributions of Geyser Funds to the widespread adoption of Bitcoin. 

With great eloquence and passion, Mick Morucci recounted the humble beginnings of Geyser Funds, highlighting the pivotal moments that propelled its success. Through their unwavering dedication and strategic vision, Geyser Funds has emerged as a prominent player in the cryptocurrency landscape, fostering the rapid expansion and acceptance of Bitcoin.

Geyser is a crowdfunding platform created specifically for online creators. Its main goal is to offer a lightning-fast experience by leveraging Lightning Network technology, enabling quick and cost-effective transactions. 

Geyser provides several benefits, including borderlessness, a user-friendly interface, community engagement, censorship-resistant funds, and interoperability for receiving funds from multiple sources.

According to Mick, the project idea that has raised $224 million and distributed $204 million originated from the recognition of numerous Bitcoin and Lightning-based concepts in need of funding. However, when the idea generators shared their details on Twitter, they couldn’t secure the necessary funds to proceed with their solutions.

The CEO found it problematic that there was no decentralized system on Twitter for funding meaningful projects, particularly those related to education. He also observed that most funds received by individuals came from sponsorship (60%) and tips (about 5%). This prompted him to contemplate how to disrupt the system so that sponsorship from large companies would not dominate such endeavors, aligning more closely with the ideology of Bitcoin.

“We all can support each other towards the creation of great content and money; Bitcoin lightning as the internet of money can fix this.” Today, Geyser has supported 654 projects, raised 19.7 BTCs, and attracted over 34,000 contributors. 

Kinds of Bitcoin educators on the rise

Mick also shared with the audience that, since the launch of Geyser, they have observed three main trends among Bitcoin educators and content creators worldwide. The first group mentioned by Mick are social educators who employ artistic mediums like stickers and graffiti to explain the concepts of crypto and Bitcoin in simple terms.

Notable examples of such artists include Pascal Boyart, known for his creation of several graffiti pieces featuring Bitcoin, and Ludo from France.

Among the types of Bitcoin educators mentioned, the second kind is community-based. These educators focus on spreading Bitcoin knowledge by building communities through meetups and organizing small conferences worldwide.

The third group that was mentioned consists of creatives. The Speaker included himself in this category as he has been involved in creating documentaries that specifically focus on Bitcoin. He stated, “I’m doing documentaries, and that’s going back to the idea that everyone’s a creator; everyone can add value.”

The global South is most suitable

Expanding on the impact of Bitcoin initiatives, particularly in content creation, Mick emphasized that users in the Global South regions are poised to benefit the most from these projects. He stated, “I think a lot of the growth will happen in the Global South because these will become tools for monetization, which opens a new economy that they didn’t have access to earlier.”

Additionally, the growth is fueled by the unwavering support of the Bitcoin community, which recognizes the potential for these projects to make a global impact.

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