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Magic Eden launches a $1M Polygon NFT creator competition



Magic Eden introduces a $1M Polygon NFT creator spotlight event aimed at enhancing the NFT market and empowering creators. This exceptional opportunity invites visionaries to collaborate with industry pioneers, propelling their NFT projects into the forefront of the thriving Polygon ecosystem.

Magic Eden is an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) marketplace and platform that focuses on fostering the growth and development of high-quality NFT projects, particularly within the Polygon ecosystem. 

NFTs are unique digital tokens that represent ownership of specific digital or physical assets, such as digital art, collectibles, virtual real estate, and more.

Magic Eden’s primary goal is to identify, support, and promote promising NFT projects that demonstrate innovation, creativity, and the potential to thrive within the evolving landscape of blockchain and digital ownership. This prompted the team to integrate into the Polygon network in November 2022.

Magic Eden acknowledges that the impact of the bear market has left a lasting imprint on the cryptocurrency space. “That’s why we’re encouraging builders in the ecosystem to find and support the best and brightest project founders who will spark the next wave of NFT adoption.”

The NFT marketplace said that prospective participants are invited to lay out their project vision, introduce their team, and illuminate the community they intend to foster. 

In addition, each team is required to provide their team’s background and experience, including LinkedIn profiles and resumes; Whitepaper/Roadmap for their project; strategies for growth; and more.

Magic Eden added that the selected teams will receive special entry to Magic Eden’s Launchpad assets, the thriving developer and assistance community within the Polygon ecosystem, and an extensive Web3 network. 

This includes mentorship, marketing direction, technical support, ecosystem connections, and financial backing to assist founders in bringing their projects to successful fruition in the market. Application is open here.

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