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Benefits of Lightning Network in decentralized payments 



Decentralized payments are fueling innovation in the financial industry. Bitcoin, specifically, holds a vital position in this ecosystem. Nevertheless, at the Microstrategy Bitcoin event in 2021, Preston Pysh, podcaster and founder of the Investors Podcast Network, highlighted that although Bitcoin’s layer one has a significant impact, the true transformative potential resides in layer two: the Lightning Network.

He mentioned that the incentives and tasks facilitated by this layer will revolutionize enterprise companies and global transactions. The ability to provide liquidity to the network through channel management, and the emergence of free and open library rates on Layer 2, further enhance the financial landscape.

Preston highlighted that immediate settlement is an advantage of this technology and has implications for various industries. The Lightning Network allows energy companies to receive payments in Bitcoin faster through instant settlement, which can be auto-converted into fiat currency or retained in Bitcoin depending on their strategic preferences. These features enhance stability and mitigate risks for energy companies.

The Lightning Network facilitates micropayments, potentially transforming industries such as advertising and media. Preston explained that rather than utilizing paywalls and costly subscriptions, users can directly access content by paying minor fees, benefiting both content creators and consumers. Prompt settlement and reduced fees encourage the production of exceptional content, aligning interests and enhancing the incentive structure within the media industry.

Looking beyond developed nations, Bitcoin and Lightning Network have enormous potential for the unbanked population. He analyzed that with access to smartphones, 1.5 billion unbanked individuals can now transact using Bitcoin. The ability to settle transactions instantaneously and globally provides a solution for those dealing with currency debasement and a lack of banking services. 

According to Preston, the benefits of decentralized payments could extend to incentivizing specific behaviors and activities. Businesses can improve productivity and employee engagement. The ability to reward employees for completing tasks through Lightning Network transactions enhances productivity and creates intangible assets that boost organizational performance.

The future possibilities of Bitcoin and Lightning Network are vast. This innovation in the financial industry offers unique opportunities for value investors, as the Lightning Network creates a market for providing liquidity.

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