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Solana integrates with ChatGPT to make blockchain more accessible 



 Solana has announced its integration with ChatGPT. With the help of the ChatGPT plugin, users can initiate more activities on the layer 1 chain. ChatGPT by OpenAI and Bard by Google are two of the most popular AI projects.

According to the Solana Foundation, ChatGPT plugin was developed by Solana Labs specifically for the Solana blockchain. Solana is the blockchain developed by Solana Labs, which is the development arm of the company while Solana Foundation is the not-for-profit organization that oversees all developments deployed on the Solana chain.

In addition, the Foundation said that the plugin will help onboard more users into Web3 with simple use cases such as buying and listing NFTs, transferring tokens, monitoring transactions, interpreting data, and locating the best NFTs at cheaper prices.

Breaking the process down, Tal Tchwella, the Head of Product at Solana Labs, noted that ChatGPT is being fused into an RPC node that aggregates data from several on-chain sources and feeds that data into Solana to answer questions from users.

First use case for NFTs 

The Head of Product added that the first use case for the plugin will be for NFTs due to the high trading volume of Solana-based NFTs. He also noted that there are more features that are expected to be added to the plugin in the near future by developers who are keen to experiment with the update.

Apart from the ChatGPT integration, Solana Foundation has also expanded the size of its previously announced AI-based accelerator program for students in higher education from $1 million to $10 million. Solana Foundation revealed that several projects that qualified for the grant have been awarded. 

Speaking about the new updates, Tchwella said that bringing ChatGPT into the “blockchain space” which is a technical jurisdiction, “offers a new opportunity for people to engage with it and understand what’s really happening.”

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