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Train, Battle & Earn in PROJECT XENO Play-to-earn



Playing video games can be a fun and engaging activity, but what if you could earn money while having fun? That’s where blockchain-based games come in. By leveraging the security and transparency of distributed ledger technology, these innovative gaming platforms allow players to monetize their in-game achievements like never before. One such game is Project Xeno.

PROJECT XENO is a multiplayer game that combines GameFi, e-sports, and “fun.” The game is intended to provide users with an interesting gaming experience while also allowing them to earn rewards through gameplay. The ownership of an NFT character called XENO, which allows players to earn tokens and NFTs by winning battles, is one of PROJECT XENO’s distinguishing features. Players are likely to earn as they go through the game cycle of training, battles, and drops.

The PROJECT XENO development team has extensive experience with Japanese manga and frequently features games with character and monster battles. They have included ninjas, superheroes with superhuman abilities, and RPGs in their games. The team specializes in creating card and battle games that involve guild creation and player-versus-player combat. They plan to integrate these elements, such as guilds and lands, into PROJECT XENO.

PROJECT XENO Play-to-earn 

PROJECT XENO’s gameplay revolves around a fair battle design that emphasizes strategy and tactics. The developers want to make a game where players don’t have to rely on special characters or items to win battles. This means that a player’s ability and tactics, rather than the rarity or strength of their characters or items, will be the key aspects in determining the outcome of battles.

However, since this team realizes the importance of maintaining the value of NFTs, players who own special characters or items may have an easier time earning rewards in the game. Players that own rare or valuable NFTs have a considerable advantage in battle, but this does not guarantee their success. The team’s goal is to find a balance between keeping NFTs valuable and offering a fair and entertaining gameplay experience for all players.

Gamers will also be able to earn rewards through various in-game actions such as battles and drops. The team’s goal is to design a game that is both challenging and rewarding for players of all skill levels while preserving the value of NFTs and offering fair competition.


XENO is the main NFT character in PROJECT XENO and is used in battles, with unique abilities and appearance variations. Owning XENO allows players to participate in arena battles and earn. The number of XENOs is limited and the limited edition GENESIS NFTs have unique effects and are acquired through sales or bid. XENO has four elements that are randomly determined upon generation: class, status, passive skills, and special skills.

The “Weapon” in PROJECT XENO is an NFT item that may be equipped on a XENO character to increase their powers during battles. Each weapon has its own set of traits and effects that can supplement or compensate for the impacts of specific skill cards used during battle.

Like other NFTs in PROJECT XENO, weapons have a limited supply and can only be obtained through gameplay or by purchasing them from other players on the marketplace. 

Charm is an NFT that can be equipped on a XENO’s head, body, or tail, providing various battle advantages and decorative effects. Charms can be equipped on XENO of any class and come in five levels of rarity: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. 

NFT-BOX is an item in PROJECT XENO that allows players to generate XENO NFTs. It can be obtained through whitelist rewards, sale rewards, and in-game. 

Each XENO class in PROJECT XENO has its own set of summoning abilities. These abilities enable players to summon various units to aid them in combat. Certain summoning skins have special abilities that can affect the summoned unit’s abilities.

Summoning skins are NFTs that can be exchanged on the market in addition to their in-game effects. This means that players can trade summoning skins with one another.

Gameplay system

In PROJECT XENO, strategy and tactics are crucial elements for building a successful deck and making decisions during battle. Training is utilized to prepare for battle, and this forms a cycle of strategy, tactics, and training. The game allows players to place three XENOs anywhere on a 3×3 grid platform, and each position determines the likelihood of being targeted by the enemy’s attack. 

Skill cards, which are action skills, are accessible for each class and can be employed in battle by putting them in XENO. After finishing the tutorial, players can choose and get three XENOs from the class of their choice. The XENO obtained after the tutorial is a unique character that cannot be trained.

PROJECT XENO Token Mechanics

The PROJECT XENO ecosystem is powered by two tokens: the governance token GXE and a future utility token. GXE is the governance token that will be used for future staking and is used to build and customize NFTs. It also gives token holders voting rights in governance and the ability to join the GXE partner program.

The utility token, UT, will be used for Play-To-Earn and can be obtained as a reward from Arena Battles. Its supply is unlimited. GXE is a Bep-20 token with a 6,000,000,000 total supply. GXE is presently traded on the MEXC and LBank exchanges.

PROJECT XENO allows players to earn tokens in two ways: by winning battles in the game and by selling NFTs earned in the game on the marketplace. Players can sell NFTs and earn tokens from the sale on the marketplace. The marketplace will include unique features such as auctions and NFTs such as XENO, weapons, charms, and NFT-ART.

Ambassadorial programs are also available on PROJECT XENO, including collaborations with NFT projects like Mayweather 2022.9 and Hikaru 2022.11.

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