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Trade, Play, Connect:’s Unique Approach to Web3 RWAs and NFTs



The rising prominence of Real World Assets (RWAs) is capturing the attention of investors worldwide. With the total value locked in RWAs experiencing a significant surge, going from $1.44 billion to $2.5 billion as of September 30, 2023, it is clear that this asset category is gaining momentum.

Various factors contribute to the growing demand for Real World Assets (RWAs), with on-chain RWAs featuring yields such as real estate and bonds attracting crypto natives seeking higher returns.

Distinguished by their tangible nature and inherent value, Real World Assets (RWA) encompass a diverse range of physical assets that exist outside the digital realm. This can include real estate properties, commodities, artwork, vehicles, and even contractual or legal rights like patents and copyrights.

In this article, we will explore the fascinating world of RWAs with Eesee, providing a rich background and understanding of the Eesee project. 

Growing demand for RWA

One of the drives behind the creation of Eesee is the increase in demand for RWA Real World Assets (RWA) are tangible or physical assets that exist outside the digital realm and possess inherent value. They include a broad spectrum of assets, such as real estate properties, commodities, artwork, vehicles, and contractual or legal rights like patents and copyrights.

RWAs often serve as collateral to secure loans, reducing the risk for the lender. In the context of crypto, RWA refers to the tokenization of these tangible assets on the blockchain, allowing them to be represented digitally and enabling activities such as decentralized finance (DeFi) and investment yield opportunities.

Examples of RWAs in the crypto space include tokenized real estate, commodities, art, and even government bonds. The tokenization of real-world assets brings benefits such as increased liquidity; fractional ownership; and access to diverse off-chain markets surge in Real World Assets (RWAs) demand is fueled by various factors.  

The growth of on-chain RWAs, particularly yield-bearing assets like real estate and bonds, is being driven by crypto natives in search of higher yields. Changes in central banks’ monetary policies are attracting DeFi users who are looking for better returns.

The integration of RWAs into DeFi platforms is contributing to exponential growth in RWA metrics. Tokenization on the blockchain drives fractional ownership, thus improving asset liquidity and facilitating access to on-chain markets.

The financial industry’s increasing exploration of RWA tokenization and, despite regulatory challenges, RWAs’ demand has risen due to their potential benefits and opportunities in the evolving financial landscape.

What is Eesee? is an innovative project blending NFTs and Real World Assets (RWAs), intending to transform digital transactions. By concentrating on tokenized real-world assets, introduces a cutting-edge financial model, enabling the trading of tangible assets on the blockchain. goes beyond the typical NFT trading platform; it transforms into a gamified space to encourage social interaction and networking among users. By incorporating gamification into the NFT experience, the platform turns trading into a gamified experience.

This unique approach aims to capitalize on the networking effect, creating a win-win situation for buyers and sellers. In essence, serves as a bridge, bridging the divide often present between traders in traditional marketplaces. The tokenization of real-world assets brings benefits such as increased liquidity, fractional ownership, and access to diverse off-chain markets.

DeFi users are attracted by shifts in central banks’ monetary policies as they seek greater profitability. The integration of RWAs into DeFi platforms contributes to significant growth in RWA metrics. Tokenization on the blockchain enhances liquidity, fractional ownership, and access to off-chain markets.

Despite facing regulatory challenges, especially in the US by the SEC, the financial industry is actively looking into tokenizing Real World Assets (RWAs). This exploration has created a growing demand for RWAs, driven by their potential advantages and opportunities in the changing financial environment.

Features of Eesee

The Eesee RWA facilitates the trading of tokenized real-world assets on the blockchain. This involves representing traditional physical assets as NFTs, allowing them to be traded decentralized.

Eesee Wallet, although under development, will feature a unique system that aids users in accessing, trading, and managing fungible and non-fungible tokens on the Eesee platform. Because Eesee stands out as a social-fi and gamified NFT platform, the wallet will enhance user interaction and networking, creating a gamified environment. 

Eesee also acts as an escrower during NFT trades by utilizing smart contracts. When a sale order is placed, the NFT is blocked on the smart contract, ensuring the security of the platform and the integrity of the transaction.

Eesee rewards community members monthly based on their trading volume and other activities on the platform, including referrals. This reward system aims to incentivize active participation within the Eesee community.

The Eesee NFT marketplace has a distinctive ticketed sales system, coupled with the innovative Chainlink VRF. This approach to selecting NFT buyers ensures fairness and transparency and crafts a unique and engaging experience for sellers and contributors.

Roadmap of Eesee

The project’s roadmap, marked by ambition and foresight, unfolds in distinct phases. The year 2023 was dedicated to developing the initial version, successfully raising $1.1 million, and launching the testnet. 

In 2024, Eesee plans to shift to the Mainnet launch, integrate with multiple blockchains, and interface with Web2 platforms such as marketplaces to broaden accessibility.

In 2025 and 2026, the project plans to explore the possibilities of transactions with Real World Assets (RWAs). An audacious target of achieving $1 billion in capitalization is part of it. Simultaneously, it seeks to set up global offices around the world.

Collaboration and team behind the project 

Vova Sadkov, the visionary founder and CEO of, has extensive experience collaborating with notable companies like SoftBank, Sber, and Porsche, as indicated in his profile. His educational background includes studies at Aloha Marbella (Cambridge Foundation) and Moscow State Linguistic University. 

As a CEO for over five years, Sadkov has launched and scaled two startups, one of which was acquired by a major company. He’s also an NFT enthusiast, owning MAYC #3206 and V1 PUNK #1933.

The leadership team includes Alex Stephan as the Chief Technology Officer and Alex Grigorev as the Chief Marketing Officer. Supporting Sadkov’s vision are advisors like Masha Vyazemskaya, Xenia Vyazemskaya, Josip Vlah, Ioana Surpateanu, and Robin Janaway.

The project’s venture capital partners, including Daedalus Angels, and SevenX Ventures play a pivotal role in fueling’s growth and development.

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