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Kreatorland Testnet is now available to users



Kreatorland Testnet is now available to users

Kreatorland has announced the launch of its testnet and revealed it is now open for users to interact. Kreatorland is a cross-chain NFT marketplace governed by a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) built to ease the use of the NFT for its users. According to Kreatorland, the testnet will be on zksync era.


“We are excited to announce our Public Testnet 2.0 on @zksync Era. Explore our updated platform with more features on


Kreatorland aims to give artists and users who want to explore the NFT space a safe and scalable way to do it. The platform has a simple model of “Click-Launch-Mint” for artists, making it easy for creators to generate up to 10k NFT from layers and also deploy their collection free of cost which makes it easy to use for artists and collectors alike. 


Kreatorland labs, the web3 firm behind Kreatorland has been working on its blockchain ecosystem for some time. The testnet is a big step forward for the company. The company has a team of experienced blockchain developers and advisors who have been working hard to make sure that the platform meets the needs of all and sundry (artists and collectors alike). Developers and businesses that want to try out Kreatorland’s blockchain technology can do so on the testnet.


Following the announcement of the live testnet, the Kreatorland community has been showing support, and they couldn’t hold back to share the overwhelming support the community gave through their Twitter. The project already has a collection of projects willing to testrun the platform in the following days. These are ZksyncRock, ZkAnimals  skullverseNFT, BlackbeardNFT, and many more others.


Kreatorland also plans to launch its mainnet soon, which will let its users enjoy the full benefits of the project. The company thinks that its platform will be a game-changer for the NFT space, and it’s excited to see how the community reacts to its work in the time to come.


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