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Founder of Newmetric unveils plans to improve RPC infrastructure on Cosmos



Jesse Chung, founder of Newmetric, recently shared insights into the company’s web3 initiatives during a presentation at Cosmoverse 2023. 

As the driving force behind Newmetric, Jesse introduced the company’s primary focus on enhancing the developer experience within the Cosmos blockchain ecosystem.

Newmetric is a pioneering company dedicated to advancing the provisioning of blockchain RPCs. It is introducing the concept of “Edge Computation for Blockchain” to achieve infinite scalability and customizations previously unattainable. 

Newmetric also adopts a cloud-native approach with Edge Computation aimed at enhancing scalability, reliability, and performance.

Remote Procedure Calls (RPCs) are a type of communication protocol used in Web3 to allow decentralized applications (dApps) to interact with blockchain nodes, sending requests to a blockchain node and receiving responses, allowing them to retrieve information from the blockchain or send transactions to the blockchain.

Newmetric’s ambitious mission

The founder said that Newmetric aims to position itself as an end-to-end development platform specifically tailored to Cosmos blockchains. 

The company’s objective is to transform the development process, ensuring a comprehensive approach from inception to production.

Before diving into the offerings of Newmetric, he said there are two core issues that developers often face in the web3 space: infrastructure availability and testability. 

He explained that the importance of reliable and accessible infrastructure for development and production cannot be overemphasized.

He added that traditional RPC clusters often face scalability issues, potentially resulting in downtime.

In response to this challenge, Newmetric is providing a solution called Mesa, an ultra-high-performance IPC cluster designed to guarantee a reliable and performant network.

Jesse also recognized the limitations of testing on traditional testnets, which lack genuine user activity and valuable tokens.

To address this issue, Newmetric aims to introduce Cradle, an innovative solution that transforms the mainnet into a dedicated development environment. 

With Cradle, developers have the flexibility to configure it according to their needs, eliminating the reliance on cumbersome test networks.

Mesa – redefining RPC scalability:

Mesa provides an excellent solution to the RPC (Remote Procedure Call) scalability challenge. It can efficiently handle more than a million queries per second. 

The cluster is built to expand and contract in response to demand, ensuring optimal performance while keeping costs in check. 

Mesa operates on a subscription model, offering web3 developers the essential infrastructure they need. This allows developers to focus on their applications without the burden of managing RPC clusters themselves.

Cradle – the ultimate Test environment:

Cradle presents a novel approach by introducing the concept of forking the main network into a specialized development environment. 

This essentially means that developers can create a separate space where they can test and experiment with real main network data. 

This innovative approach gives developers the power to simulate a variety of scenarios. 

They can test everything from the migration of contracts from version 2 to version 3 to conducting market acceptance tests, all within this dedicated environment. 

It provides a safe and controlled space for developers to refine and perfect their applications before deploying them on the actual main net.

Jesse noted that  Newmetric ensures compatibility with existing tools and interfaces that developers are familiar with. Regardless of the toolkit or SDK used, transitioning to Newmetric’s solutions should be frictionless, making it accessible and practical for developers.

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