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zkSync launches on mainnet at ETH Denver 2023



The over 20,000 attendees at Ethereum Denver experienced the offerings of ZK-rollups and native Account Abstraction on the zkSync Era mainnet. This was revealed via a thread from zkSync’s Twitter account. 

Matter Labs CEO and co-founder, Alex Gluchowski, during his keynote address revealed that these attendees are the first set of people to make use of live zkEVM on mainnet to transact with food trucks present at the event. According to the tweet, the full launch alpha is taking place soon. 

In achieving this, zkSync established partnerships with Welook and MyEtherWallet which allows the attendees to redeem free BUIDLBux food truck tokens on zkSync Era. 

zkSync also revealed that this new development is a path to its mass adoption. It explained mass adoption as “when technology is so easy to use that people don’t know or care what’s under the hood.” Attached to the tweet is a condition that explains that if cost and security are building blocks for crypto to scale, then magic UX is the go-to option to achieve crypto scaling. 

Magic UX=Account Abstraction

Account abstraction makes countless customization possibilities possible. Users can significantly improve UX by employing arbitrary logic that developers can apply using smart contract accounts, such as using Paymasters to offset gas costs or social recovery to replace seed phrases. 

With these two, magic UX becomes a reality. With native Account Abstraction on the zkSync Era mainnet, this is not just feasible in the future but also right now. Attendees at ETHDenver will get a firsthand look at how Account Abstraction automatically offsets and transfers tokens to suppliers for a frictionless user experience.

Account abstraction creates a seamless and safe user interface for transferring tokens to suppliers. It demonstrates how with the appropriate innovation, crypto can be used to make real-world payments with ease. 

How to redeem tokens at ETH Denver 

  • Attendees should go to the Welook registration booth to obtain a card or badge to scan.
  • Download my ether wallet or click on this link
  • Scan the QR code at a stationed food vendor. 
  • Complete your transaction.

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