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Skoda India launches Skodaverse, a Near-based NFT platform



Škoda Auto, one of Europe’s fastest-growing car manufacturers, has entered the Web3 space with its first metaverse project called Skodaverse. This groundbreaking initiative is built on the Near protocol and marks the company’s foray into the world of Web3 development. In India, Škoda Auto operates through its subsidiary, Škoda Auto India Pvt Ltd., which has been active since November 2001.

Skodaverse India serves as a vibrant online community for Škoda enthusiasts. Within this community, members can share their experiences on various platforms including the NFT platform, Discord, and Telegram.

By embracing the intersection of real-world passion and virtual innovation, the community fosters knowledge exchange, facilitates new friendships, and pushes the boundaries of automotive exploration in this exciting digital realm.

In addition, Škodaverse India will provide exclusive utilities and experiences for NFT holders. More details about the first drop and these offerings will be revealed soon. To participate in this exciting experience, users are required to create an account here.

NEAR Protocol, a layer-1 blockchain, was specifically designed as a community-run cloud computing platform. Its goal is to address the limitations that have plagued other blockchains, including slow transaction speeds, low throughput, and limited interoperability.

NEAR Protocol boasts several features that make it ideal for decentralized applications (dApps). Among the projects being developed on NEAR Protocol are Flux, Mintbase, Aurora, and more.

Škoda announced that their NFTs will initially be available for minting exclusively on their platform to account holders. “Once an account is created, users can mint the NFT whenever it is released by adding funds to their wallets.”

In addition to the potential for value appreciation, the company highlighted that holders of their NFTs can enjoy “exclusive perks, rewards, or experiences tied to NFT ownership.”

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