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How to link Martian wallet to Twitter



Martian is a decentralized wallet for managing crypto and digital assets on the Aptos and Sui blockchains. The wallet can serve as a chrome extension, it creates and manages users’ private keys used in the Martian wallet to authorize, authenticate, and sign transactions. The Martian wallet enables users to hold funds or digital assets.

Interacting with web applications involves connecting the Martian wallet extension in a way that it functions on every site the user visits. Further, the web app asks the users’ permission to perform transactions from the Martian wallet. 

The Martian wallet can also be linked to Twitter as a recent development from Martian. This latest feature of the Martian is accessible on the new version of the Martian wallet (1.3.5). Users who wish to access this function will have to update the Martian wallet to the latest version. Afterr the update, the wallet can then be linked to Twitter.

How to link your Martian wallet to Twitter

  1. To link Martian wallet to Twitter, users are required to have downloaded and signed in on their Martian wallet. Then, open a Twitter account or log in to existing accounts. 
  1. On the Martian wallet click on “Link Twitter”
  1. Proceed to “Link now”
  1. The user will be required to authorize the app, then, click on “authorize app”.
  1. A confirmatory page is shown indicating the Martian wallet is linked to Twitter.

As a new development, if any delay is experienced or an error message shows “account already linked” while linking the Martian wallet to Twitter, it could be a heavy usage resulting in the crash of Twitter Auth APIs. 

The Martian wallet linked to Twitter enables a crypto and NFT purchase on Twitter. With the Twitter integration, the team has opened a retweet campaign, where retweets on a partner post gets an airdrop.

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