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Is a decentralized twitter possible? WordCel is building one 



What makes Web2 social media platforms still popular today? Are users truly free to express themselves on such platforms without censorship? Can Web3 tools be used to make social media better?

Speaking at the Breakpoint event, Brandon Echter, Content Strategist at Solana Foundation said that today’s social media and communication tools are still largely Web2 products because they are easy to use. Users don’t struggle with the interface as there are no complex proceedures to use them.

Responding to how Web2 products still remains relevant in todays social media world, Viksit Gaur, the founder of Dispatch Protocol, explained that while the essence of online forums,

utility, entertainment, status, and goodness, was taken away from Web2 platforms by big tech companies, Web3  platforms can help bring back them back.

The founder went on to share that the scenario where users lose their status and brand on a social network because of censorship is not truly beneficial. As our lives have become more digital than ever, finding a way to preserve status and content has become more important to resist censorship from government such as some Iranians have experienced recently. This is what decentralized social networks can offer.

We want to build decentralized Twitter 

Shek Dev, the founder of WordCel Club, added that he started WordCel Club, a layer0 network for social connections when he couldn’t find a native, suitable platform to share what he was learning about Solana. He noted that he started WordCel Club with the features of a blog where users are free to express themselves and share content without restrictions.

While realizing the importance of building a social sharing platform on blockchain, Shev revealed that he saw the challenges of poor user experience on decentralized social. Finding a way to improve user experience on Web3 social media and allowing users freely exercise their sovereignty because our social lives today are tied to the digital world is why “we are building a decentralized Twitter”, Shev said.

The team at Dispatch Protocol, we want to create a system that incentivizes good behavior and the good behavior will be a decentralized decision by the participants of the ecosystem, Viksit said. 

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