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Neon to launch mainnet in December



Neon labs will be launching the Neon mainnet on 12 December 2022, Marina Guryeva, Director of the Neon Labs, said at the Breakpoint.

Neon is a project started by Neon Labs to connect Solana’s scalability and low transaction costs to the ecosystem of Ethereum.

Marina explained that the team has been focused on development in the last twelve months with more than 650k lines of code changed, over 4,000 tests for errors done, and allowed 10 Ethereum dApps to be tested on it.

The director revealed that one significant challenge the team had faced has been the reengineering of their software, to suit the Solana blockchain, which is different from Ethereum. She cited an example of managing the number of Solana accounts added to a transaction. 

She added that the team’s focus has also been on interoperability between Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and Neon, allowing EVM dApps to function on Neon. 

Neon, Solana, and Mainnet

Furthermore, the team has also created a proxy server that integrates Neon transactions with Solana, Tracer API for graph functionality, Neon Pass Permit for cross-chain transfer of tokens, a Neon faucet, and the Neon DAO, Marina explained. The DAO will be in charge of decision-making for the project.

She noted that the team comprises 46 members spread across the world; 10 tech partners, including the troubled Three Arrows Capital and Jumps Capital; and three auditing companies take care of its smart contract auditing. 

Projects that are on the Neon testnet include Wallets (Kama, Welldone, Zerion), infrastructure (Pyth, Neon Scan, Covalent), dApps (Moraswap, Curve, Sonal), and bridge (Wormhole), Marina explained. 

According to the Neon team, the project has passed through 8 security audits, has 60,000 community members, and 200 upcoming  ETH projects.

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