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How FastAF is using Web3 tools to serve merchants



“We believe that profound change happens when you provide access to something,” Lee Hnetinka, founder and CEO of FastAF, said at the Breakpoint event. This access can be to something economical, social, or physical, and we want to give users access to good payment and delivery service, he added. FastAF is a delivery company that wants to help merchants access a multi-network of micro-fulfillment centers, enhancing quick deliveries.

Lee explained that with a customer base that includes Nike, and thousands of products from several merchants, they discovered that the global payment system is broken. 

Describing the difficulties involved in traditional delivery and payment businesses, Lee shared that the time it took to deliver and make payments is high, as well as the charges and fees paid by customers when they make payments. 

The second aspect he highlighted was customer acquisition which involves intimating ads like on Instagram, but these ads don’t provide businesses with loyal customers.

The CEO noted that the company, FastAF, chose blockchain solutions as the remedy for the advantages blockchain offers.

NFTs are the future credit cards 

Using a crypto payment system, such as Stripe, that’s integrated with Solana will help with faster payment and cheaper charges, Lee pointed out. For customer acquisition, we are introducing the use of NFTs, which we see as the future of credit cards.

He further revealed that the company wants to redefine customer engagement by allowing merchants to release NFTs which are tied to certain products thus excluding access to holders of such NFTs. The FastAF company will use NFTs as coupons, rewards, and incentives for customers.

Choosing a payment solution built by Stripe on Solana is important to help onboard Web2 users that are natives on Stripe into the Web3 ecosystem which is faster, less expensive and more efficient, Lee added.

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