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What are on-chain analytics platforms?



The on-chain analysis is the process of collecting data like transaction history, hashrates, etc., about a particular cryptocurrency. It also involves using indicators with technical and fundamental analysis to have better trading strategies.

On-chain transactions are publicly viewable, and getting access to the right data can give traders an edge in their trading. With on-chain analytics tools, users can access crucial on-chain data that can impact the crypto market and monitor big players’ movement in the space and how it can affect prices.

This article discusses some of the best analytic platforms for on-chain:


Glassnode is an on-chain analysis platform founded in Germany in 2018 and has its headquarters in Zug, Switzerland. The platform generates intelligent data by observing on-chain indicators i.e., information obtained from blockchains.

Glassnode is widely known for its comprehensive reports of market indicators for many cryptocurrencies and has offered several applications with market fluctuations. The live data on the platform gives users a view into many charts and dashboards with detailed insights on address activity, balances, growth, supply, etc.


  • Glassnode academy – a platform that explains various on-chain metrics, functions, and use cases for newbies and early adopters.

  • Several on-chain market indicators for several cryptocurrencies

  • 200+ metrics

  • Multiple charts

  • Customizable dashboards  – allows you to add your favourite metrics for certain coins.

  • Over ten years of data

  • Weighing different metrics for different coins

  • Integration of TradingView

  • Many resources on popular blockchains and cryptocurrency


Glassnode offers three plans; a free plan and two paid plans. The paid plans are $39 monthly (or $29/month for an annual payment) and $799/month(or $699/month for a yearly payment) for the more advanced one.



Nansen is an analytics platform that combines on-chain data with a massive and constantly growing database containing millions of wallet labels. With its real-time dashboards and alerts, crypto traders can gain an improved insight into the crypto market.


  • Nansen has some in-demand features, including Wallet Profiler, ETH tracker, DEX trades, CSV data, and more.

  • Using Nansen analytics, you can easily spot patterns and forecast price movements.

  • Custom smart alerts

  • Spot new trends with the platform’s detailed dashboards.

  • Real-time on-chain data for populating blockchains, including Ethereum, BSC, etc.

  • Several wallet labels offer insights into many crypto assets

  • Discover emerging trends supporting multiple blockchains


Nansen offers three packages aside from the free plan. The three paid plans are Standard which varies between $100/month and $150/month depending on the billing period; VIP plan, which goes for $1000/month, charged annually and Alpha plan, which costs $150/month, charged annually.



Dune Analytics is a blockchain analytics tool for crypto analysts and investors. Users can query, extract, and visualize data from different public blockchains.


  • Dune breaks down complex data into comprehensible information and offers simple data collection and visualization.
  • Access to many metrics for on-chain data analysis
  • Extracts blockchain data and sorts it into SQL databases that can be queried.


The Dune platform offers a free package with a customizable dashboard, chart sharing, a maximum of three queries, etc. While the Pro tier costs $390 per month with access to an instant query, up to six query options, and much more.



 Etherscan is a block explorer and analytics platform which allows you to view and analyze assets, balances, and transactions on the Ethereum network. It is best known for accessing and leveraging transaction activities on Ethereum and allows users to detect fraudulent activity easily.


  • Observes early trends like airdrops on the Ethereum network
  • It offers detailed technical reports from Ethereum developers
  • Tracks gas fee
  • Custom alerts for transactions
  • Etherscan can check the details of any public ETH wallet address
  • Analyzes transaction blocks, tokens, etc.


Etherscan has three plans which are all paid plans. Users can choose to pick the Standard package, which costs $199 per month or go for the Advanced plan, which costs $299 per month, or pay $399 per month for the Professional plan.



Santiment is a detailed market analytics tool that gives accurate data feeds, low-latency signals, custom market watches, alerts, chart layouts, and other tools to improve crypto investors’ trading journey.

The platform gives users a 360° overview of the crypto market and its biggest driving forces. Its analytics tools, like custom metrics, real-time signals, and more, are built on terabytes of on-chain, social and developmental data for over 1000 of the biggest crypto projects.

Below are some of the platform features:


  • Leverage on-chain, social, and development metrics

  • Observe emerging social trends

  • Customized alerts for trading activities where any suspicious activity can be easily detected.

  • Social crypto trends

  • Personalized watchlist for weekly coin updates


The Santiment platform offers free and paid plans (pro and pro+). The pro-paid plan provides advanced crypto metrics and market insights, and it goes for $44/month (annual subscription). While the pro+ plan offers even more features and costs $225/month (annual payment).




Messari is a great on-chain analytics platform that organizes and contextualizes information for crypto investors. With Messari, analysts can analyze, research, and stay up to date with the crypto world – all while trusting the integrity of the underlying data.




  • Access to different charts, screeners, and watchlist features
  • Daily crypto news and insights
  • Exclusive long-form daily reports
  • Access to curated sets of charts and metrics
  • Downloadable CSV Data
  • Helpful tools to analyze charts and reviews
  • Access to stats such as volume, liquidity, on-chain, staking, supply and market cap, etc.



Messari Pro plan is priced at $29.99/month ($24.99/month for a yearly subscription). While the Enterprise plan is priced at $1,000/month and $10,000/year.






Since its launch in 2018, the DappRadar platform has provided real and actionable data and insights to many users. The platform is best known for exploring the crypto space, specifically tracking, discovering, and analyzing DApps. In addition, DappRadar gives users access to features like wallet management, NFT discovery, token tracking Airdrops, and more.




  • High-quality resources for staying up to date with crypto trends.
  • Discovery, tracking, and analysis of
  • dapps, NFT collections, tokens, DeFi projects, and more
  • Token swap feature (Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon)
  • Industry overview updated every 24 hours
  • Wallet portfolio tracker for managing your assets, checking recent dapp usage, and more





With on-chain data, crypto investors can gain a lot of benefits such as gaining insights into a market structure or having an overview of how a particular project or network is operating which can help in informing decisions.


There are several on-chain data analytics tools. You might consider using the platforms above to help you understand happenings in the crypto space and help you make decisions based on factual data, not guesses.

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