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How to Get the Quai Network Airdrop (QUAI)



Quai Network is a proof-of-work blockchain network utilizing merged mining to enable participation in web3 and maintain decentralization at a lower cost. Quai’s merged mining concept is a design called Hierarchical Merged Mining (HMM). With the HMM design, miners can secure many chains simultaneously and also create an interoperable multi-chain network utilizing Quai’s trustless cross-chain interoperability.

Quai tokenomics includes a testnet incentive — what is also referred to as an airdrop. Quai launched a Social Media Reward package for an early community engagement incentive. The program includes a variety of social platforms: Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, TikTok, and Instagram.

How to participate in Qui Network Airdrop (QUAI)

Step one: Be part of the Quai Network on Discord and Twitter. 

Join Quai Network on Discord and follow on Twitter. This is to ensure earnings and rewards are tracked 

Step two: Get started with Quai Network Dashboard. 

Connect your Discord/Twitter account to the Quai Dashboard to check your rewards. To connect, click on the hamburger icon, select wallet, and connect account.

Step three: Follow Quai on social media platforms, and engage with Quai Network on their social media handles to earn rewards; Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, TikTok, and Instagram to earn rewards! 

Note: Rewards are tracked by the Quai Network’s custom-made bots, and Quai Tokens will be distributed to community members upon Mainnet Launch. Also, Twitter rewards are viewed in the Quai Dashboard. 

Reward allocation for Quai Network Airdrop (QUAI)

Twitter Rewards: Participating users get 5 QUAI when they follow the platform on Twitter and an additional 5 QUAI per Quai team member they follow. Replies, likes, and retweets for a tweet within seven days attract 1 QUAI, respectively. However, engagement should be up to twice daily.

Each mention on a standalone tweet and using the hashtag #QuaiNetwork twice a day will attract 5 QUAI. Quai team members to follow on Twitter: 








YouTube Rewards: To receive Quai Network YouTube rewards, the user’s profile and activity data will be set to public view. 

Subscription to the Quai Network’s YouTube channel will earn the participating user 5 QUAI. Likes and comments on a Quai Network’s YouTube Video attract 1 QUAI; however, it must be up to 2 posts. 

Reddit Rewards: 5 QUAI will be given to participating users who make a unique post in r/QuaiNetwork at least twice per day. Subreddit posts about Quai Network at least twice daily will attract 5 QUAI.

Note: posting on the Quai Network Subreddit will require a 15-day-old account with 50+ posts and comment karma.

TikTok Rewards: Quai Network TikTok follow will attract 5 QUAI. Likes and comments on a Quai Network TikTok within seven days will earn the user 2 QUAI.

Following Quai team members on TikTok will earn the user 5 QUAI. Accounts to follow: 






Instagram Rewards: Following the network on Instagram will attract 5 QUAI. Likes in a post at least twice daily within seven days will earn the user 1 QUAI. Instagram comments on a Quai Network post up to 2 per post within seven days will attract 1 QUAI. 

Following Quai team members on Instagram attracts 5 QUAI per follow: 





Final Thoughts

Quai Network is still in its testnet phase; all user rewards are collected and displayed on the dashboard and will be distributed after the Quai Network Mainnet launch. 

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