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Konami on web3 and metaverse hiring spree 



Gaming giant Konami has announced plans to hire Web3 and Metaverse. According to its October 13th blog post, Konami will be onboarding a wide variety of talent for “system construction” and “service development” to provide new experiences such as Web3 and Metaverse.

In the post, Konami revealed research and development efforts to integrate the latest technology into its game and content. Additionally, it intends to launch a service that allows players to trade in-game items through a distribution platform. This platform will be built on the blockchain.

Konami will recruit talents across infrastructure development, product & operation, and production support. Furthermore, these talents will help the giant strengthen its structure and fast-track its business. 

The gaming and entertainment brand also noted that the proposed distribution platform for digital items would conform with the “Guidelines for Blockchain Games” stipulated by the Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association, Japan Online Game Association, and the Mobile Content Forum.

Web3 and Metaverse have become more than a passing trend, establishing their roots in the internet scene. Popular brands across different industries are leveraging the trends to expand their market reach and strengthen their user base. 


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