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Why community is important in crypto – Ran Neuner founder, Crypto Banter



At the Binance Blockchain Week Paris 2022, Ran Neuner, founder of Crypto Banter, said, “Every industry in the world is going to need a loyal community and customer base, and in blockchain, it is ten times more important because it is a combination of religion (community) and technology.” 

He mentioned this in a panel session moderated by David Princay, the Binance Country Manager for France, with a second panellist Rabbin des Bois. In the session, Ran Neuner mentioned that Blockchain is currently about 50% technology and 50% religion or community. As the Blockchain innovation progresses, it will become 90% religion (community) and 10% technology. 

During the session, the moderator Princay connected community and security by throwing open a discussion on how to advise and keep the community in a safe environment. 

Neuner highlighted that, for YouTube, a project on the platform has to install a YouTube guard and, secondly, prioritize education. He validated by saying that “the biggest reason why people are not safe in web3 is because of a lack of education, so we (Crypto Banter) do our best to educate people about the basics.” 

The Crypto Banter has a school that allows intending community members to go through the school program before joining the community. This school program is aimed at keeping users safe. 

Rabbin des Bois, a co-panellist on the session, agreed with Neuner, saying, “To be safe, you need to learn something; that is why there is a content creator.” 

The Blockchain Community and NFTs

The community around NFTs is super surging, and according to Neuner, NFT is the most exciting use case of the Blockchain. NFT is a cool limited edition that anyone can own and is the biggest tool for mass adoption in crypto, he said. 

Movie tickets and profile pictures can now become NFTs. The use of Metamask or bridges, however, destroys the NFT experience. Therefore, centralized exchanges like Binance play a significant role in giving the community a safe environment because it offers a more reliable way to bridge tokens. Neuner said

The closing advice from Ran Neuner and his co-panellist Rabbin des Bois to the crypto community includes: 

  • Never have your money in one exchange. 
  • Never use your phone number on two-step authentication.
  • Never use your regular day-to-day emails as your crypto log-in email. For every account, open it with a new email address.
  • Never use a VPN with your exchange.
  • Digital consciousness, cyber security, and basic internet education are required. 

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