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Web3 Career: Why you should work with Binance 



At the Binance Blockchain Week Paris 2022, Marc Bardsley, the Senior HR Business Partner with Binance, affirmed that Binance is after impacting the blockchain industry and thus has made phenomenal achievements. This, he said, has gone a long way in making Binance unique. 

Bardsley made it clear that what brought him into the Binance ecosystem as a business partner were the phenomenal achievements of Binance and its pace. “They work on real-life issues and projects impacting people from all over the world.”

Binance’s achievements and impacts are one of the reasons one should consider taking their Web3 career on-chain with Binance. Another reason is that Binance’s ecosystem has grown over time across nations and industries and requires talents that would serve and sustain the ecosystem’s growth. 

Bardsley’s background in the industry started in the talent acquisition space before he became a business partner with Binance. Transitioning into the Fintech sector brought him to the doors of Binance where he started a career in the blockchain space.

The Web3 space is young, and the people coming into web3 now would become the pioneers of where the event is going.

Marc Bardsley explains why now is the right time to take up a career in the web3 space, he said “the late 80s and early 2000s were pinnacle times in terms of the journey in technology; there were skepticism, fears, and worries. Then there was a boom that took us where we are right now. Looking at web3, the technological landscape, blockchain, and applications, we are at the edge regarding where this industry is going. It is a fantastic and exciting time in this journey. It is an excellent time to bring different minds and talents to grow this industry.  

Is there a typical profile required for the web3 industry?

There isn’t a typical profile for getting into the industry because the technology applications are vast, and you can build your skill set in many different ways and apply them. Instead, what is needed is passion and arming yourself with knowledge in the industry. Bradley said

Binance academy is one of the ways to arm yourself with knowledge. Binance has a lot of products in its ecosystem, and there are no traditional skill sets you could say the people working at Binance are coming from. These products are managed by people, not from a particular x or y skill set. 

“Web3 is a space for a lot of other different people to make a career for themselves”  

Marc Bardsley

How can someone apply to start a career at Binance?

Bardsley outlined four ways to apply and get started in the web3 career path with Binance : the Binance career page, referrals, Angels Program, and networking. There are multiple access points in applying to Binance. The first place to look out for Binance jobs is on the Binance career page; many jobs and updates about what is going on are being shared on the page. Binance has a talent acquisition team that sources talents and reaches out to people using traditional means like LinkedIn.  

Another entry point is referrals and the Binance Angels program. Binance Angles Program is a way of partnering and collaborating with Binance. 

Networking is yet another entry point to not just Binance but the industry. People often ask after networking when they need something, but the exciting thing about networking is building a network before you need it. 

Bradley added that one of the big things Binance is working on is the Binance internship programs which will include funding education and university courses in blockchain. “We are building our internship program, looking at 2023 and beyond.”

Finally, Marc Bardsley urged females to take up web3 careers and break social norms. “It is time to change things, not just at Binance or the blockchain but technically in every other industry. Go with your passion and break the social norms.” He said

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