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Binance Angels: exec shares why you should join



The Binance Angel program which started five years ago with five angels from Asia now has over 400 Angels worldwide from 75 different nationalities. The surging Binance Angels serve 1.5 million community members across 60 different telegram groups. 

At the just concluded Binance Blockchain Week Paris 2022, Kylie Hong, Binance Global Social Media Lead, in a panel session with Violeta Stalukjaneca and DocMarty, Binance Angels representatives spoke extensively on the achievements of Binance Angels, what the program is about and how to become a Binance Angel. 

Binance Angel Program is a volunteer program. The Angels are everyday users from different skill sets, countries, cultures, and ethnicities who give voice to the Binance ecosystem and Binancians. The program is open to anyone from different nations around the world, and the current records show that Binance Angels has individuals from 75 different nations. 

Binance Angels make friends, travel, have new experiences, and learn new stuff together. The angels have helped Binance grow and sustain its users, keep the users updated about the platform, and spot active community members who can also become Binance Angels. 

Violeta and DocMarty the Binance Angels representatives at the event mentioned that the program entails being of help to people who have some questions or have worries that need to be addressed. The Binance online local communities have up to 1.6k members in each community across different nations like France. The communities are made up of young users who are like a family and they receive help and guidance from volunteers called Binance Angels. 

The Binance Angels’ primary role is to assist users who encounter difficulty onboarding the platform or utilizing the products in the ecosystem. They also organize webinars, physical events, meetups, and moderate online and offline communities.

The two major ways of becoming a Binance Angel are transitioning active community members into Angels or a direct application to become a Binance Angel, Violeta Stalukjaneca said. 

The positivity that surrounds being a Binance Angel is summarized as building the future and freedom, the representatives said. Binance Angels believe that crypto and web3 are the future; they help, explain and accompany the people entering this wealth. 

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