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Sharing NFTs on Facebook & Instagram now possible



Facebook and Instagram users can now connect their wallets and NFTs following an announcement from Meta on 29th September 2022. This move will enable its U.S. users to cross-post their NFTs on the two large social platforms. 

Before the feature went live for all U.S. users on Facebook and Instagram, Meta began testing NFTs with selected users on  Instagram in May and afterwards did the same in June for Facebook.

Specially for Instagram, the company launched an NFT support channel for about 100 countries in August, enabling it for only selected users. Along with the announcement by Meta, all users in these 100 countries now have access to the feature.

Rainbow, Metamask, Trust Wallet, Dapper Wallet, and Coinbase Wallet are eligible wallets for connecting and posting digital collectibles minted on Ethereum, Polygon, and Flow. 

How to share NFTs on Facebook and Instagram 

Sharing an NFT on Facebook or Instagram requires the latest version of the apps. Then, have your preferred digital wallet set up on your smartphone. After successful signup to Facebook or Instagram, connect your wallet, get to settings and select the “digital collectibles” tab. 

According to Meta, the connection process will be completed with a notification that allows the user to input their wallet password and click “Sign” and then “OK” to confirm their wallet connection. After the digital wallet is connected, users can view their NFTs from the collectibles section and share to their feed on Facebook or Instagram apps just by clicking the “Share to Feed” icon.

Meta said that sharing or posting a digital collectible on Facebook or Instagram will attract no fee. 

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1 Comment

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