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Spume protocol; bringing tokenization to businesses



Spume protocol is a project designed to make tokenization and payment for tokenized items easier. The Ethereum-based protocol is targeted at making it easier to tokenize physical goods which can be traded on an online marketplace.

Tokenization enables traders the transportation of real-world properties into the digital space and makes it possible also for digital properties to be provenly transferred, and traded. Individuals, creators, and business owners can now create replicas or digital representations of products as NFTs on platforms like the Spume marketplace and trade with more users globally. 

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Features of the Spume ecosystem

The spume ecosystem is made up of these different sub-platforms:

  • NFT artwork platform

Users can use the NFT artwork service to create and mint art as NFTs, similar to OpenSea, Rarible, and LooksRare. These minted NFTs can also be traded in the marketplace found on the Spume platform.

  • Real estate platform

This is also called “House without Banks”. Spume wants to redesign the real estate procurement process so that buyers can easily purchase properties quickly and more transparently. 

The Real Estate is filled with middlemen that stand between sellers and buyers. The smart contract technology is being initiated to work side by side with legal enabling business transactions like tokenization of real estate and liquidations to be done seamlessly.

  • Licensing platform

Creators and artists deserve to get the right value for the arts they create. Spume has created a system that will make the tokenization of music and other intellectual assets easy and payments of royalty better.

This will give control back to artists while diminishing the power wielded by top media companies on the works of creators. Adoption will also be driven by this development.

  • Ticketing platform

Event planners can use this to tokenize tickets for various kinds of events – physically and digitally. This will reduce the spread of ticket scams and allow planners to have more control over attendees of their events.

The Spune ecosystem is designed with a DAO that governs the development of the project. As a decentralized ecosystem, participants of the DAO are given the right to decide what is initiated in the project.

The Spume ecosystem is a platform that acts as an issuer and aggregator of non-fungibles.

Tokenomics and roadmap of the Spume protocol 

Spume token is the native cryptocurrency of the platform with a total supply of 100 million. According to the team, 5%, 31.3%, and 13.7% will be for public sale, DAO treasury, and private sale. 

While liquidity and marketing will receive 10% each. Early backers and the team are each allocated 15%.

While the token has been launched on platforms like Gem Pad, and BSC Station, other launchings are coming up on Dao Launch, Infinite Launch, and KDG. The official date of the test net will be on August 29, 2022.

From the roadmap, Q3 and Q4 of 2022 will be used for public sale, CEX/DEX listing, release of testnets for Artwork, Real Estate, and Licensing.

Then, Q1 and Q2 of 2023 will be dedicated to the launch of the DAO governance, and mainnets for artwork, ticketing, licensing, and real estate.

Team and partners behind the Spume protocol 

Beauregard Moody is the CEO of the project with a background as Head of Marketing, and Compliance Director for crypto projects on Cardano, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. 

Silas Marvin oversees anything technology. He studied Computer Science and has been involved in developing several programming languages since he joined the industry.

Leonidas Peña stands as the Executive Advisor of the Spume project. He is also the Chief Executive Officer of Thoughtcloud, a global health brand.

Partners include DTC Group, Midas Capital, Acacia, and Amped Technologies. See other team members and partners here.


As NFTs are becoming more usable for everyday activities, platforms are being built to facilitate this process. These platforms are dedicated to allowing brands to utilize nonfungibles in simple ways. 

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