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Binance partners Inoni Tech to launch Crypto Education Hub in Cameroon



With blockchain startups raising $91 million in Q1 2022, Africa is being positioned to utilize blockchain technology. And one aspect that will drive this is blockchain education.

Binance has been one of the most popular organizations driving the adoption and education of blockchain technology in Africa. The company that’s worth $92.5 billion as of March, alongside Inoni Tech, is building a crypto education hub in Yaound, Cameroon.

Inoni Tech is a not-for-profit technology company that has been providing technical guidance and training for young Francophone Africans.

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Crypto education, Binance, and Africa

While this project is the first of its kind by Binance in Cameroon, Binance Masterclass Education is an earlier version of crypto education that has educated more than 600,000 Africans. 

The sessions have involved online and offline classes to make blockchain as simple as possible.

According to Carine Dikambi, Head of Francophone Africa at Binance, Africans use crypto for various purposes which have given them so many benefits with “financial inclusion” being one of the best.

He also believes that the hub in Cameroon will help make blockchain and cryptocurrency easier to understand for the citizens as well as French-speaking Africans.

Ultimately, this project will see more Africans gain the right skills that will make them relevant in the crypto industry, be job fit, as well as create innovative organizations.



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