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What you need to know about Soul of Meta



Souls of Meta is a Cross-Game Multi-Chain fun-to-earn and free-to-play social gaming project in the metaverse. It was co-founded by Kevin Reddy and Michael Skrychevsky and it creates a distinctive Fun-2-Earn Metaverse alongside actual gameplay. It is an encompassing Play-Own-Earn + Free-2-Play model. It is geared at reducing the absence of fun in the existing play-to-earn models.
Souls of Meta is on to create a space where users can own, monetize, and play NFT assets. In making this possible, it has created some peculiar in-game features which combine the elements of Gamefi and Socialfi.

These in-game features allow users to journey through the community-created realms, fight monsters, solve quests, and collaborate with other players. Through the participation of users, they earn while playing and having fun.

Key features of Souls of Meta

In achieving its dream and vision, Soul of Meta has the following features which facilitate the removal of boredom that conventional play-to-earn platforms have been plagued with.

Soulverse (Metaverse)

Soulverse is an in-app platform that unites the Soul of Meta gaming community with the whole gaming community. Other NFT gaming communities are invited to Soulverse to form an “incredible Metaverse”.

Soul pad (NFT Pad)

This is an in-app NFT launchpad and Digital asset exchange (DAX) for exclusive native and partner initial node offerings and NFT drops. All these are to reward players.

SoulDAO (Gaming DAO)

SoulDAO is a platform where key stakeholders of the ecosystem influence its affairs. Through this platform, the experiential and economic vector dynamics of the soul of meta value-chain are influenced.

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Some other in-game experiences are:

Create to Earn

Users can explore their creative side by creating game levels and assets as NFTs. These created NFTs can be sold via the NFT marketplace or the creator can earn passively via royalties when other players use the created assets within the game.


While playing, players get to levels with a treasure-filled chamber. These chambers can only be assessed through a key which only the quest NPC can provide.

Horse Overloads

This is a game where a particular huge beast from the “netherworld” will have to be defeated. After this beast has been defeated, there are a lot of rewards to be received. One of these rewards is SMPs and rare NFTs.

ADS NFT Centre

For users to sell their NFTs quickly, some amount of SOM tokens have to be paid for these NFTs to be showcased on native billboards. This gives the NFT a wider audience and increases the chances of selling it.

GuildFI and SocialFi

Users can create or join a guild where they get to compete with tougher monsters to earn more SMP tokens upon each win. To advance this guild, users can also collaborate with other players and educate them or even co-own lands with them. Through this, they earn fractional profits.

Daily Mission NFTs

To maximize daily earnings, daily tasks are given to players and they get a reward upon the completion of each task.


Souls of Meta’s native token $SOM is the BEP-20 token. The token which was pre-sold between April 20, 2022 – May 03, 2022. Its IDO held on TrustPad on the 25th of July and its IDO (NFT launch pad) on the 26th of July 2022. It has a total of 3,000,000,000 SOM tokens in supply from which 630,000,000 was allocated for the concluded pre-sale and 750,000,000 SOM tokens for sale.

In distribution and allocation, 9% of the total token is for seed, 6% for strategy, 6% for private, 4% for the public, 10% for Fun2Earn, 10% for game farming, 8% for ecosystem growth, 7% for staking rewards, 7% for liquidity, 5% for marketing, 4% for partnership, 8% for the team, 4% for advisors and the final 12% goes to the treasury.

As a utility Token, $SOM has the following utilities

  • It can be used for trading all NFTs on the Marketplace
  • It can be used for minting NFTs in Soulverse
  • It can be used to buy advertising space and sponsor events within the game
  • It can be used to pay for Skill upgrades.
  • It can be used to upgrade NFTs (characters, weapons, counsellors, etc).
  • Allows purchasing consumable potions (HP, MP, temporary buffs, etc).
  • It can be used to develop the in-game town and land in Soulverse
  • It provides Staking rewards.
  • It enables privileged access to Launchpad Tiers.
  • It is deflationary through the token burn.
  • It also grants 50% commissions discounts on any transactions and various other powerful incentives



Souls of meta has secured partnerships with giants of blockchain technology and Gamefi space. Some of them are Binance NFT, BlueZilla, BitMart, Trustpad, Solchicks, Mysteria capital, safe launch, Doragon land, age of tanks, Playzap, IGUverse, Slope, and Gamefi squad.

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