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Blockchain Monster Hunt: Protect, Hunt, and Battle Monsters in Multiverse



Blockchain Monster Hunt (BCMH) is a cross-chain NFT collectible game. It is a game that allows players to continuously explore brand-new locations on the blockchain to hunt and battle evil monsters.

Blockchain Monster Hunt Storyline 

Around September 2021, a group of developers came together to analyze the cryptographic hash functions of multiple blockchains to find a way to boost transaction speed. During the findings and analysis, they realized that some human-like species were living in the blockchain.

Those new species were randomly created alongside the new generation of blocks and were called “Monsters”. They look unique and cute with different attributes and rarity. The scientists categorized the Monsters into 500 species and de-compiled the images of those species using binary data in the block hash.

After taking a close look, the team of developers realized not only did cute monsters exist in the blockchain, but they also existed evil and harmful monsters in the blockchain which are capable of attacking other Monsters and corrupting the friendly Monsters into horrifying variants and attacking the blockchain. In search of a solution to protect the blockchain from these evil monsters, BCMH was introduced.

Objectives of BCMH

  • Is to empower people /gamers around the world to help fight back and defend the blockchain universe.
  • Create a community of fighters/blockchain defenders to protect the blockchain world to ensure the stability of the global system.
  • To protect the innocent and friendly Blockchain Monsters.
  • Allow the blockchain defenders to interact directly with the blockchain and hunt the Monsters.
  • Battle bad Monsters to burn them off the blockchain.
  • To relocate displaced monsters onto their correct chains and ensure maintained stability on each chain.

Features Of BCMH

  1. Cross-chain Technology: BCMH has created a cross-chain integrated gamers community that will continue to grow strongly anytime a new chain is connected.
  2. Decentralization: BCMhunter is amongst the first few that embraced the true spirit of decentralization. Every aspect of the game is completely unchained.
  3. Unpredictable: Monsters NFT are born from the blockchain itself with attributes decided by the block hash which are unpredictable. Players can have a never-ending journey to explore the battle and hunting monster world.
  4. Play-to-Earn: Blockchain defenders(players) can earn money while playing.

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Playing to earn in BCMH can be sectioned in two ways:

  1. Catching Monsters: While exploring the metaverse, you can catch monsters. The Catching rate depends on several factors. The success rate depends on the number of monsters a player can catch. If a player fails to catch the monster, the dedicated Energy amount would be deducted.

However, players can further increase the success rate by using more Energy as a ‘catching booster’. When a player has gained ownership of a monster, they can either sell them on the marketplace to get $BCMC or stake them in the monster council program for a reward in Energy. The energy can be easily converted to $BCMC.

Ii. Battling Monsters: Battling the evil monsters can be very challenging, but rewarding. You can train your monsters by putting them to battle with other monsters. After every battle, even when you lose your monster, you will earn an EXP score to gradually level up. When it reaches a higher level, the battle power will increase accordingly then it could wind the battle or come back with stronger monsters to earn more rewards. Battling monsters is played in two ways; PvE (Players Versus Engine) or PvP (Player Versus Players) either way, players will receive rewards either in Energy, Token, or NFT of Partner Chain and Game upon the specific campaign, or other in-game items. 

Monsters Species

There are currently over 1000 monsters in BCM hunters metaverse. They are born every time a new block in the connected chain system is born with the purest attribute that is defined by the blockchain hatch. By origin, there are four types of monsters in the blockchain monster multiverse.

  1. Genesis Monsters: It is the ancestor of all the other three blockchain monsters species. They can’t be caught or created as they are one of a kind. If the genesis monsters are burned in battle, it shows the extinction of a unique monster that can never return to life.
  2. Mascot Monsters: They are the symbol of the multi-chain of BCMHunt. They are born every time a new chain is connected to the BCMHunt multiverse. With Mascot Monster in your team, you would have more rewards when battling monsters from the same chain that the mascot represents.
  3. Wild Monsters: These are Monsters that are born directly from the blockchain and can be hunted.
  4. Artificial Monsters: These Monsters are created by merging and breeding wild monsters. It allows users to have monster species of their own.

Essentials of In-game

  • Energy: It is an EVM chain that has been designed to optimize the gas-fee problem of other blockchain networks linked to the existing multi-chain ecosystem. Energy is used to play the role of an intermediary currency in the game.

It is used for all in-game activities, from paying fees, teleporting, catching monsters and boosting catching success rate, competing in a battle, topping up Stamina or rewards.

Users can convert $BCMC to Energy at the beginning or during the game session. Energy can also be converted to $BCMC.

  • Stamina: It is the rate/ score at which a monster can endure battle. After a battle, this score would be deducted accordingly, and as long as there is still a stamina score to use, the monster is good to jump in battles. 

BCMC Token

$BCMC is a multi-chain (ETH, BSC, Moonbeam & Polygon) token, and players can freely move $BCMC onto any chain without waiting or bridging their tokens via 3rd party platforms.

$BCMC is needed to top up Energy, the in-game intermediary currency used for all game activities.

It is also available for farming with;

$BCMC is currently listed on 6 exchanges QuickSwap, PancakeSwap,, MEXC, UniSwap, ApeSwap and SushiSwap


Total Supply: 1Billion (Across all chains)

Mining Rewards: 40%

Public Round: 0.5%

Private Investors:9.8%

Eco-System & Treasury: 17.6%

Marketing & Partnerships: 14.1%

Team & Advisors: 18%


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