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Myria: Build, Explore and Play in the Myriaverse 



Since the explosive breakthrough of blockchain gaming, its composability with other narratives in the space has been a talking point. In light of this, we have seen successful projects like Axie Infinity integrate NFT-based characters known as Axies. 

What is Myria? 

In the same vein, Myria is a decentralized Ethereum Layer 2 platform created to promote digital assets, NFTs, and blockchain games. It aggregates a gaming platform with applications and a scalable plug-and-play SDK that developers can use to build other blockchain games. Myria also features a one-stop platform that provides individuals with access to the experience and benefits of blockchain and metaverse innovations. 

The Myria ecosystem includes features such as:

  • NFT marketplace
  • A native blockchain (Myria Chain) and wallet.
  • Gaming hub
  • A Metaverse platform known as Myriaverse 
  • Myria nodes 
  • Myriad blockchain infrastructure for gaming dApps 


In the Myriaverse, players will be able to play free AAA games, socialize and complete quests and earn rewards in crypto and NFTs. There are about four games in the Myriaverse. They include:

  • Metarush: This is an obstacle racing game with other players. Players have to move around the obstacles and avoid getting hit by them. Surviving players keep playing with increasing difficulty. The last player standing wins the game.


  • Block Royale: This is a survival game where a player enters a portal into the BR Arena. The player descends from the sky and lands. After touchdown, the player moves around and picks equipment and weapons to battle with other players to survive. While playing, the battleground begins to shrink, bringing the players together. You can choose to be solo or play as a team of three. The last player or team standing wins the game. Additionally, you can select your champion character before the game starts.


  • Metakart: This is an exciting racing game. Players have to drive karts around a racecourse and shoot other players’ karts. In addition, players can pick up power-ups scattered on the tracks and unleash terror on other drivers in the race.


  • Star strike Legends: This is a 5V5 combat match. The attacking team of five plants a bomb on a specific location on the map and detonates it. The other five have to try and survive the blast till the end of the round. You can choose from various weapons to survive or attack before starting the game. 

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Myria has built a holistic ecosystem that accommodates other utilities, allowing users to perform other activities other than being only players of the native games. These utilities include;

Operate a Node 

Myria also allows players to be node operators using their home computers. A player can become a node operator by buying a node license. There are only 55,000 node licenses to be sold. Node operators are rewarded with daily $MYRIA tokens and NFT drops. They are also privileged to vote on governance proposals. Node operation by players is necessary to keep the Myria chain secure and decentralized.

The Myria chain is an Ethereum L2 scaling solution and relies on the Zero Knowledge Rollup (ZK-Rollup) to achieve scale, low transaction fees, and security. 

Create Games

Players who are also developers can launch gaming Dapps within the Myria ecosystem, banking on the easy-to-deploy tooling that has been provided. Interestingly, Myria supports interoperability. Thus, players can deploy interoperable NFTs (skins, avatars) across available games.

Trade Assets

Players can also trade their gaming assets using the Myria token as the primary means of exchange. 


Myria aims to be the future of the blockchain gaming industry. They are set to enhance the power of play and blockchain by providing a complete infrastructure to host existing and upcoming games and applications. 

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