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KSM Starter: Raising Funds & Reimagining the Metaverse 



The latest developments in the world talk about the metaverse as the next best thing to happen to human interaction. 

This trend and the buzz around it makes it quite necessary for a company like KSM Starter be inclined to develop around it. It has had its fair share of metaverse-themed projects.

 Unfortunately a lot of these projects still don’t have the launch experience that’s needed to navigate the true essence of the Metaverse. KSM starter has therefore launched its solution. 

It is called the Initial Metaverse Offering

What is an IMO?

Initial Metaverse Offering, or IMO, is an innovative launch method catered towards Metaverse projects. The IMO is composed of 2 parts — token sale and Metaverse item sale. The item sale occurs after the token sale has been concluded and the claim has been opened, allowing participants to utilize their purchased token allocation to purchase the in-Metaverse items. 

This streamlined process creates an optimal flow of funds for the newly launching Metaverse-themed projects, while encouraging participating users to enjoy the immediate Day 0 token utility and benefits. This means that the users get to buy their tokens first as part of a sale and then use the acquired tokens to purchase the Metaverse items, usually NFTs. This process will also ensure the development of Metaverse marketplaces as part of the development. 

How is an IMO Offered?

There will be 2 versions of IMOs. One will be virtual and the other physical. 

The virtual will make use of the supported VR/AR/XR headsets to give a more realistic feel of the items to be bought. This is expected to be a more immersive version of the sales process. 

The physical however, is the usual sales of items as is often called an IDO. Users get to use their devices to view the items and select on which to buy. 

When can users expect the first IMO?

The first IMO is planned to showcase in January 2022 as part of the first quarter development plans. As much as this is first of its kind within the launchpad industry, the team at KSM Starter is working around the clock to make the experience as smooth and reliable as possible.

The first IMO is most likely to be a physical IMO taking the form of an IDO as is. The development of the virtual IMO is slated for February 2022. This will take on the use of the VR/AR/XR headsets. 

The Metaverse will be a very vibrant space to watch out for in 2022.

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